If you’re looking for the best car trackers to monitor your fleet then you’ve come to the right place! Here at Infiniti Tracking we supply and install affordable car tracking systems for fleets of any size across Glasgow, Edinburgh and elsewhere in Scotland. But what is the best car tracking device for your fleet? Let’s take a look.

Car Tracker Installation Benefits

Why Install A Car Tracker At All?

When you’re running a business that’s dependent on a fleet of vehicles being ready to go or capable of being called back to base at any time, the use of an effective car tracker will be invaluable.

The best car trackers used by companies nationwide feature real-time location tracking through GPS.

A good car tracking system will also help you budget for fuel. It’s a cost-effective way to plan your routes.

A car tracker fitted by Infiniti Tracking will enable your vehicles to reach jobs more efficiently. This means speedier service for your customers.

Car tracking evidence will also be useful you should you need to make an insurance claim.

Category S5 and Category S7 Tracking System

If you’re interested in car tracking in Glasgow, Edinburgh, or elsewhere in Scotland, it’s worth bearing in mind our most popular Category S5 and Category S7 systems. These systems are verified and classed based on their security and tracking standards.

Category S5 trackers are amongst the most advanced on the market. These systems not only allow you to track your vehicles but also automatically identify the drivers on board.

Category S7 trackers are more affordable car tracking devices. The main difference being that the S5 model offers a greater selection of more advanced features.

Best Car Tracker Device Features

When you have chosen the right model of car tracker for your fleet, it’s time to consider the various features on offer. Some of the best features on offer by the biggest brands on the market are as follows:

Tracker’s Locate system supplies real-time monitoring and battery back-up. You’ll get alerts if your vehicle batteries are low. You also have the added tracking technology of VHF which protects against signal jamming devices.

SmarTrack’s Protector Pro is a great car tracking system that is protected not only by a 24/7 stolen vehicle guard but also with Interpol assistance. It’s good to stay protected!

Trackstar’s incredible range of trackers allows you to geofence vehicles, which means you’ll get alerted whenever they move out of a specified range. You can also track previous journeys with an integrated app.

Infiniti Tracking supplies insurance approved car trackers. These are just some of the great brands and systems we work with, which are all approved by Thatcham and all major vehicle insurance companies.

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New to the idea of a car tracker installation? Unsure of the best models and features for your fleet? Don’t worry. This guide is just a brief taste of what’s available.

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