It’s easy to think of trackers being only installed on top-of-the-range cars, but there are so much more uses for them than that. Trackers can be installed on motorbikes, vans, HGV trucks, caravans and motorhomes.

Thanks to the rise in popularity of the ‘staycation’ in recent years, the number of motorhomes on the roads have increased enormously. The sales of caravans rose 71% in 2020 and the waiting lists for people wanting to buy a motorhome have reached 10 months in some places.

Whether you’re a long-standing motorhome connoisseur or a new-comer to the free roaming lifestyle, securing your motorhome will be a priority. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best Thatcham-approved motorhome trackers available to make sure the only one taking a drive in your motorhome is you!

Whilst most car trackers would work perfectly well on a motorhome, there are some devices that have been specifically designed for these four-wheeled mobile vacations.

ScorpionTrack S5 Motorhome Defender

The first one we’d recommend is the S5 Motorhome Defender from ScorpionTrack. This insurance-approved device comes with Thatcham’s highest security category, which means you’re going to get one of the most advanced motorhome trackers available.

As well as the now expected dedicated smartphone app and all the power that gives you, being an S5 system, you also get Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) tags. These powerful little devices mean that, without them being in close proximity to the vehicle, it simply won’t start.

This is especially useful given the nomadic nature of the motorhome. Whilst you’re out exploring the countryside with the tags safely stored on your person, you can rest assured that your motorhome is going nowhere. Also, should you eventually upgrade your motorhome for another, you can easily transfer it from one vehicle to the next.

SmarTrack Motorhome Protector

As with the tracker above, the Motorhome Protector from SmarTrack is, as the name suggests,  another dedicated tracker that offers peace of mind to anyone loving the mobile home lifestyle. Like its predecessor, this one is also insurance approved and rated by Thatcham to meet its Category 6 and S7 standards.

This one doesn’t just rely solely on GPS technology to help track it, it also uses the latest GPRS, GSM and LBS tracking technology. In real terms, this means that it utilises many more wavebands and networks should the worst happen and it gets stolen. There will be no place to hide from the 24 hour control centre looking to recover your vehicle, even if it’s stored underground or in a shipping container.

As with almost all trackers these days, you get access to SmarTrack’s dedicated smartphone app that lets you know the vehicles location, but also covers battery backup status, low battery and motion alerts. If you want to venture to mainland Europe, this tracker also includes European coverage so you’re safe, wherever you are.

Don’t ever think that choosing a motorhome over a top-of-the-range executive car or luxury SUV means you have to compromise when it comes to vehicle security, you don’t.

These are just two of the range of trackers we offer and all of them would be perfectly at home on your car, van, motorhome or caravan. When you’re looking for a getaway, it’s just you, the open road and your Infiniti-fitted tracker, what more do you need?