Unfortunately, car crime is always going to be a problem.  That’s not just in London, but all over the UK.  Thousands of people suffer from vehicle theft month after month and the trend is showing no sign of slowing down.  In fact, statistics show that over 114,000 vehicle thefts occurred between 2018 and 2019 in England and Wales.  If we are all so well-prepared to combat car theft, why is this type of problem still rife?  At this time of year – leading up to Christmas and New Year – theft also seems to spike a little.  Therefore, it may be time to start looking for car tracker installation in London, Manchester and elsewhere.


Car Theft is Evolving

The reason why so many vehicles continue to get stolen is due to an evolution in criminal behaviour.  While breaking and entering is still a quick way for many people to get into cars and drive them away, there are more sophisticated ways for criminals to get away undetected. For example, some thieves go as far as to clone keys or to steal them outright.  This is often a clean way for them to make a getaway without triggering alarms or leaving a trail.  OBD (vehicle diagnostic post) hacking to is growing in popularity, as is relay theft.  Relay theft occurs when thieves intercept keyless entry signals to gain access.

Essentially, the rise in convenient technology has also led to a convenient crime.  However, that doesn’t mean we have to stand by and watch it all happening.  Are you looking for a car tracking system in Birmingham?  What about a car tracker in Liverpool? Or van tracker installation?  Read on to learn more.


Car Tracking is Evolving Too

Thankfully, there has never been a wider selection of vehicle tracking solutions available to the public.  Here at Infiniti Tracking, we partner with leading names and manufacturers to offer a variety of insurance-approved tracking systems including Thatcham category S5 & S7.  We’re also pleased to support installation nationwide performed by Thatcham-accredited engineers.  Whether you need car trackers in London or Leeds, we’re here to help.

But which tracker is likely to help you the most when it comes to combating car theft?  We work with leading brands such as Vodafone Automotive, Trackstar, Meta Trak, SmarTrack and Scorpion Automotive to name but a few.  We supply insurance approved, Thatcham S5 and S7 tracking products which feature app-driven software, geofencing and journey history.  For example, the impressive SmarTrack Trident will not only allow you to monitor the location of your vehicle at all times, it puts features such as speed alerts and low battery warnings at your fingertips.

For larger vehicles, the S7 SmarTrack Motorhome Protector offers you a lifetime subscription option and geofence alerts (useful for when the vehicle is not in use for a long period of time or parked up in storage).  Discreet GPS technology and seamless connectivity to a 24-hour control centre will also ensure that your vehicle is fully protected and accounted for at all times.

Ghost Immobiliser is one of our most popular products.  Ghost II will protect your vehicle against relay attack and advanced theft methods.  You will be able to use a unique PIN to start your vehicle, which means it’s impossible for thieves to hotwire or intercept your car.


Be Vigilant About Car Theft

Car theft statistics are, sadly, fairly shocking.  That means there has never been a better time to arm yourself with a fantastic tracker or Ghost immobiliser to protect your car or van at all times.  Take a look at our fantastic range of trackers and call our team if you have any additional queries!  You can reach us on 0141 266 0082 or by visiting our website – Infiniti Tracking