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At Infiniti Tracking, we understand the importance of having access to your car, but it is something that you can sometimes take for granted. However, like most things that are taken for granted, many people only realise the importance of their car when it is not available to them. This means that having your car stolen can be an extremely traumatic time, not to mention a costly experience. If you want to minimize the impact of having your car stolen, while offering the police assistance in finding your car, it makes sense to invest in a tracking system for your vehicle.

We are pleased to say that, as a local company based in Scotland, we can provide you with the most efficient car tracker installation service available in Edinburgh.  No matter what sort of vehicle you have, we are on hand to ensure that it is protected with an insurance-approved tracking system. We offer a fitting service for cars, vans, lorries, HGVs, caravans, and motorhomes. If you want an added level of protection for your vehicle, or you just need to meet the demands of your insurance company, call our friendly team of experts for free help and advice.

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We Specialise In Tracking Systems For Businesses In Edinburgh Too

Our Infiniti fleet tracking software is helping businesses in Edinburgh to monitor their fleet vehicles whilst saving money. The system is very user-friendly and highly customizable to meet the needs of any business operating a fleet of vehicles. Weekly email reports, as well as instant alerts and a handy smartphone app, are just some of the invaluable features that many of our clients have at their fingertips. For more information or a free demo of our fleet tracking system, please visit the fleet tracking section of our website here.

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Choose From The Best Selection Of Tracking Devices In Edinburgh

We are pleased to offer all the major brands of tracking devices on the market at the moment. We stock category 5 and S5, category 6 and category S7 trackers from Smartrack, Tracker UK, Vodafone, Trafficmaster Trackstar, and Meta Trak. The wide range of products available on our website gives us confidence that we can supply and install the most appropriate car tracker to suit your requirements. For more details on our wide range of car trackers, please take a look at our tracker comparison page.

As you would expect from an industry where there are many different products to choose from, we provide car tracking devices based on a number of different features and insurance categories. We have a wide range for you to choose from and we will always recommend a product that best suits your requirements. Vehicle tracking devices are a sensible investment and while they offer peace of mind and can help to recover your car, they may even save you money on your insurance premiums.

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Satisfy Your Insurance Company With Our Tracking Systems

This is because we offer a range of insurance-approved tracking devices and anything which pleases your insurance company has to be seen as a positive thing. If you consider the costs of your insurance premiums to be high, we can provide you with the chance to lower these premiums. Investing in the most effective car tracker Edinburgh has to offer can pay off in the short and long-term. Some insurance companies will even refuse to insure high-value vehicles without a tracker installed.

We are pleased to say that our Thatcham-approved engineers will professionally install your Category S5 tracker or Category S7 tracker at your home or work address at a time convenient to you. These are the most highly regarded trackers you can find on the market and when it comes to obtaining value for money features and benefits, these are the tracking devices you should invest in. At Infiniti Tracking, we appreciate that different people have different budgets, requirements and expectations. This is why we are pleased to offer a range of tracking devices and if you need any guidance on what is the best solution for your needs, feel free to ask and we will do our best to help.

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