As we all become more environmentally aware and understand the impact that climate change is having on all our lives, the number of electric vehicles on our roads has increased.

As of the end of 2021, there were over 395,000 electric vehicles and more than 740,000 plug-in hybrids driving on UK roads. Those figures are only going to increase in the years to come.

Whether you’ve already joined the green revolution or are just dipping your toes tentatively in the rising tidal waters of climate change, securing your electric vehicle is going to be your number one priority. You will have no doubt considered a car tracker, but then asked yourself the same question thousands of others have asked; do car trackers work on electric vehicles? Let’s try and answer that question for you now.

Car Trackers & Battery Drainage:

Before we get to that big question, let’s tackle another popular one. With battery power seemingly the be-all and end-all of electric vehicles, one of the most common misconceptions is that a car tracker will drain the battery too much. Whilst it will obviously use some power, a car tracker actually uses very little energy and is unlikely to have any noticeable difference on your car’s power banks. When you remember that you’ll regularly recharge your EV or, if it’s a hybrid, it will recharge as it drives, it becomes clear that that is just not an issue.

The simple and easy answer is yes; car trackers do work on electric vehicles. Not only do they work, but they work very well indeed and come with a raft of benefits that are even more important on EVs.

There aren’t many cars on the road that pack as much technology into a small vehicle shape than electric cars do. As such, they are just as susceptible to the latest car theft techniques than any other modern car. Relay attacks are increasingly used to steal vehicles but most car trackers now actively fight against that. Whilst the owners can do their part by keeping the keys in a Faraday case, trackers utilise geo-fencing to create an invisible barrier around the vehicle. Once armed, anything coming within that protected zone will be registered and the control centre, and you as owner, will be notified. 

Almost every self-respecting car tracker will come with a smart-phone app which, when installed on an electric vehicle, becomes even more useful. Many trackers we sell here at Infiniti come with Vehicle Health Alerts. These can warn you about any issues with your car, so you can get them resolved before they turn into bigger problems. Any technical faults and concerns can be rectified easily saving you from potentially expensive garage fees or worse, breakdowns. 

Whilst there’s obviously going to be a small cost to buying a car tracker for your EV, that cost can be off-set against savings you’ll make on your insurance premiums. As an industry, we are increasingly seeing insurance companies refuse to sell policies on electric cars without a tracker fitted. Even if they do, the premium will be reduced on cars that have one installed. Even better news is that our dedicated team will come to you, no matter where you are in the UK, and fit it for you.

We hope this has allayed some of your concerns about how car trackers and electric vehicles coalesce. There has never been a better time to buy an electric vehicle and there has never been more reasons to have a tracker fitted than now.  

If you’re looking to get a vehicle tracker installed on your own car, or even a fleet of cars, electric or otherwise, give our team a call and let’s make it happen.