Nowadays, at Infiniti Tracking a S5 Tracker is the highest level of vehicle security you will find. The S5 Tracker is a vehicle tracking system that has high specifications when compared to other types on the market. The tracker is recognised as Category S5 by Thatcham Research and offers the highest level of security. The S5 Tracker is the choice of many insurers for high-performance and luxury vehicles of significant value. There are many manufacturers producing Thatcham S5 car trackers due to high consumer demand.

The S5 tracker is suitable for installation on most vehicles including Cars, Vans, HGVs, and Motorhomes. This tracking device allows you to monitor the movement of your vehicle 24 hours a day. The S5 Tracker is the top of the range and offers your vehicle the best protection available. The advanced features that you can get from this product are Automatic Driver Recognition, GPS, Accelerometer, Motion Sensor, Geofence, Battery Back-Up, and many others. In the following section, we will briefly discuss some of the types of advanced features that are in the category S5 tracker.


  1. Driver Identification

Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) is a powerful feature by which the tracker can identify drivers who are registered in the system. If anyone moves the vehicle without driver recognition, the car will issue a warning to the 24/7 monitoring centre. The ADR feature is a mandatory feature that you can find in all types of vehicle trackers with Thatcham category S5 certification. The form of ADR is usually a small tag containing the driver ID, but some of the newer S5 products can also identify you using a smartphone app instead. The ADR feature is an advanced system effective against modern theft methods such as relay theft and key cloning.


  1. Real-Time Tracking

Our Category S5 trackers have a user-friendly interface that allows you to track your vehicle via mobile and PC. That way, you can check your vehicle anywhere and anytime.


  1. Instant Alerts

Category 5 & S5 Trackers will give you instant alerts via SMS, email, or push notifications when your vehicle detects unauthorised movement or tampering of the system. The 24/7 monitoring centre will also be notified.


  1. Journey history

An S5 tracker has a feature to save your vehicle journey history. Tracking software can store trip information, including route history and speed information.


  1. Provide reports

You can export trip data reports such as speed, telematics, and usage as a document file.


  1. Geofencing

This geofencing feature is useful for setting geographic boundaries for certain areas to limit the vehicles you use. When you activate the geofencing feature on your S5 tracker, the device will send a notification when the vehicle moves out of bounds.


  1. Immobilisation

Remote immobilisation is an optional feature where you can manage the vehicle via a smartphone or other software. This feature contains the ability to turn prevent the vehicle being started in a theft scenario.


Below are some of the most popular types of category s5 tracker.

ScorpionTrack DRIVER S5 VTS

The ScorpionTrack DRIVER S5-VTS is a state-of-the-art insurance approved tracking system, offering a variety of features that provide driver comfort. The ScorpionTrack is a Police Preferred Specification tracker and can combat the most modern theft methods such as key theft, OBD hacking, and key cloning. You can also access ScorpionTrack via the smartphone application so that you have control over advanced features such as managing transportation modes, various types of alerts, and even account management.

The Automatic Driver Recognition Tag (ADR) feature on this tracker can provide immediate theft detection when your vehicle is stolen without a key. The Scorpion S5 Tracker is supplied two Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) tags which will react when the vehicle is moved without any detection of the tags.

The tracking system will send an alert to the 24/7 Monitoring Centre who will then contact you to confirm if the vehicle has been stolen. The ScorpionTrack S5 VTS has an additional layer of security that does not depend on the vehicle’s own built-in immobiliser designed by the manufacturer which is usually vulnerable to attack.

There are two types of immobilisation present in this tracker, namely:

– Automatic Immobilisation (No tag, no start): Using this feature, the tracking system will immobilise the vehicle automatically every time the vehicle is switched off. On returning to the vehicle, one of the ADR tags must be in range before the engine can be started again.

– Remote Immobilisation: With this feature, the vehicle owner or  ScorpionTrack monitoring team can remotely immobilise the vehicle in the event of theft and also prevent engine restart if auto immobilisation is not active.

Other features are live dashboard, Geofence alerts, journey history, driver behaviour analysis, and private & business mileage.

SmarTrack S5 D-iD

SmarTrack S5 D-iD is a vehicle tracker that operates using GPS / GLONASS, GPRS, and GSM technology. The SmarTrack S5 D-iD has a built-in battery backup and can keep operating even if you disconnect the vehicle power supply. This tracking device can monitor battery voltage levels and detect when you activate the Driver Recognition System. The Remote Immobilisation feature is optional, so if you want this feature on your SmarTrack product, you will need to confirm in advance.

The SmarTrack S5 D-iD uses the ADR system so that the car’s safety system will deactivate when a driver is in the vehicle. The Smartrack S5 DiD system uses an encrypted Bluetooth connection built into your smartphone to disable the tracking system. Unlike other S5 systems, drivers do not need to carry an ID tag. if the vehicle is moved without the authorised smartphone in range, the SmarTrack S5 D-iD tracker will secretly alert the Secure Operating Center (SOC) which monitors the system 365 days a year. SOC will contact you within a few minutes to confirm the location of the vehicle.


The two systems above are among the best S5 trackers available on the market. The S5 tracker utilises a modern GPS tracking system capable of giving you the best possible protection for your vehicle. With an nationwide installation service provided by our team of expert engineers, this type of tracker is increasingly in demand.

Install the best protection for your vehicle so you can drive comfortably and park your vehicle safely. The Thatcham S5 Tracker is a product with the best specifications and most comprehensive security features you can get for your car.

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