Keeping track of a couple of family cars can seem like a never-ending hassle. Remembering who’s got the keys, who’s clocking up the most miles and how much fuel they have left can be a fools-errand. If you manage a whole fleet of vehicles, you need some fleet-tracking software, but what is it and which is the best GPS system available? Let’s take a look.

If you break it down, GPS fleet tracking systems use a combination of GPS and the mobile data networks to monitor the activity of an assortment of company assets. Those assets are not only the vehicles themselves, but the people driving them too.

The benefits of fleet-tracking software goes way beyond the cars and vans out on the road or those behind the wheel. There are real business benefits behind the technology that can give your company tangible financial returns on your investment. 

How does Fleet Tracking Software help?

Primarily, fleet-tracking software helps to reduce fuel costs, a key benefit in its own right with the rising cost of petrol and diesel around the world. It can also reduce expenses whilst increasing productivity by optimising the drivers. You can now keep control of out-of-hours usage, overtime claims, and when the drivers are speeding or sat with the engine idling. The latter also helps reduce your carbon footprint at a time when corporate responsibility is high on the industry’s agenda.

These systems have come a long way since the best you could hope for were some dots on a computerised map. Modern day systems offer, or should offer, live mapping, custom geo-fences, real-time updates, driver login and behaviour and a raft of powerful reporting features. Thankfully, our Infiniti Fleet Tracking system, powered by Scorpion Automotive, has all of those and more. 

When it comes to vehicle technology, Scorpion Automotive have been the UKs leading telematics manufacturer since they were formed in 1973. In fact, our fleet tracking software was developed by their own in-house R&D (Research and Development) team, right here in the UK.

With a dedicated team behind it, we are proud to be able to offer a raft of incredible features to make fleet management both intuitive and powerful. The range of tools it puts at your disposal are second-to-none. These include live mapping that not only gives you vehicle positioning, but its speed, bearing and the state of the ignition system, all tracked in real-time on a detailed map. You don’t just get a top-down overview, but with Google Maps and Street View integration you can get a deeper understanding of the vehicle’s exact location in real-time.

As a fleet manager, one of the key aspects of your role will be the need for powerful reporting tools, thankfully Infiniti Fleet Tracking has you covered.

Our dashboard is equally intuitive, powerful and entirely customisable. This not only covers the reports you get, but where you get them. You can view them online or export them to .xls, HTML or PDF formats so you can analyse them on the go. It also comes with a dedicated iOS or Android app that keeps you connected no matter where you, or your drivers, are.

If you’re interested in utilising the power of the best GPS fleet-tracking software, just give us a call. Our nationwide team are on hand to install it at a time to suit you. There’s no long-time commitment either. Our rolling 30-day contract means you won’t be tied into a ridiculous long contract. That’s how confident we are that you’ll love it as much as we, and our other customers do.