When running a business, it’s essential to keep a close eye on all of your vehicles.  That’s sometimes easier said than done!  However, with the right vehicle tracking system you’ll never lose track of who’s going where.  Vehicle tracking for businesses in Scotland is not just beneficial for your own analytics, but for your customers’ peace of mind too.

Here at Infiniti Tracking we specialise in vehicle tracking Scottish businesses can rely on.  Whether you’re running a fleet of vans, HGVs or even smaller vehicles, you can’t always keep tabs on everything at once.  With the right fleet tracking system, however, you can make sure you and your vehicles are always on the same page.


Why Choose Infiniti Tracking as your telematics partner?

Why should you be interested in vehicle tracking?  What’s in it for you and your customers?  There are endless benefits to using fleet vehicle tracking and having the right UK telematics provider by your side.


  • Our software allows you to take complete control of your fleet’s journeys. That’s vans, HGVs, cars and more. Live tracking, instant email alerts and advanced reporting will give you all the information you need, right at your fingertips!  You can even play back journeys with graphical replay and Google Maps integration.


  • Choose from a series of reports to fine-tune your operation. Need to know how long your drivers take to complete jobs?  Want to curb speeding or vehicles being used out of hours?  You will have complete control whenever you need it.


  • Ring-fence where your fleet can and can’t go. Virtual geo-fencing allows you to create boundaries and zones.  With our advanced business vehicle tracking, you’ll be alerted as soon as any vehicle oversteps the mark.  This is a great cost and time-saving measure.


  • Infiniti Tracking’s software is completely cloud-based and is compatible with all the latest devices including smartphones and tablets.


  • Many companies using car or van trackers in Scotland and elsewhere have a real competitive edge. With greater fleet visibility, you’ll be able to handle customer queries more efficiently and professionally.

Glasgow Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking can be efficient and advanced, but it shouldn’t have to break the bank.  We work hard to develop brilliant fleet vehicle tracking software which is great value for money.  What’s more, we competitively price our vehicle trackers, which have become an important tool for many businesses in Glasgow, Edinburgh and elsewhere.  We don’t ever expect you to pay over the odds.

Our vehicle tracking clients in Scotland like the fact that we take a bespoke approach.  Instead of offering you a system which is “one-size-fits-all”, we’ll design tracking solutions to fit your exact needs.  We take time to understand what you do and what you need.  That, to us, is incredible value.

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