If you are on the lookout for a car tracker and are based in the Glasgow or Edinburgh area, it may actually be worth considering a leading alternative. The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser is the next generation of in-vehicle protection. With its latest version, Ghost II, we are proud to support our customers with a fantastic new way to protect their vehicles.
Ghost II Immobiliser is, in our opinion, the best car security product available on the market today. Sometimes, a car tracker simply isn’t enough – you need more protection against key cloning, car hacking, and key theft. Autowatch’s fantastic Ghost system offers you everything your car or van needs from a security perspective, and it’s an alternative to a vehicle tracker that’s really worth considering.

How Does the Autowatch Ghost II Work?

Every Autowatch Ghost installation is designed to offer ease of use and complete peace of mind. Autowatch Ghost II Immobilizer takes security into the next generation by enabling you to create a unique PIN sequence using the existing buttons on the steering wheel/dashboard. You, and only you, will be able to use this to disarm the Ghost immobilizer and drive your car away. Think of the system as something like a PIN you would use for a credit or debit card. It’s a sequence that’s unique to you, and you can even choose a PIN code of up to 20 separate button presses to make your security chain especially difficult to break (although we think a 4-digit code is sufficient).
Ghost II is designed with convenience in mind. It has built-in Bluetooth connectivity, allowing the user to disarm the immobilizer with a smartphone that has the Ghost II app installed. This saves you having to manually enter the disarm sequence each time you start the vehicle. Therefore, you can control your car’s security completely from your pocket. No one will be able to clone your sequence, which means only you will have control over the disarm protocol. How many other car security devices can offer this level of protection?

Do I Still Need a Car Tracker?

Ghost II has really proven itself to be a fantastic alternative to many car tracking systems. However, it remains to be said that a car tracker will work very effectively alongside it. GPS car trackers will let you monitor your vehicle in incredible detail, and will ensure that only you and designated drivers have access to the car in question. The Autowatch Ghost II Immobiliser is a superb add-on, allowing you to completely manage your car’s starting system to prevent unauthorized use of your vehicle. In fact, Infiniti Tracking recommends you add the brilliant SmarTrack Protector Pro Global to your shopping trolley too – as you’ll benefit from our bundle offer and save a nice bit of money in doing so.
There are tons of great benefits to investing in Autowatch Ghost technology. For one thing, there are no subscription fees – which may appeal to anyone looking for a car tracker without the added payments that pop up along the way. In any case, we feel it’s a technology that works wonders alongside advanced tracking. The Ghost system will certainly give you that extra bit of comfort when locking your vehicle up for the night.

For more information on the Autowatch Ghost II immobilizer or any of our other products, please visit our website by clicking here or call our team of experts at Infiniti Tracking for free advice on 0141 266 0082.