Car trackers, like almost all other industries, have any number of suppliers who create the fantastic products companies like us here at Infiniti Tracking sell to you, our wonderful customers. Unlike most other industries, the manufacturers of these products aren’t judged on the number of products they sell, but rather the quality of the devices themselves and the trustworthiness of the companies that make them.

When it comes to car trackers and you think about their sole purpose, to track your vehicle in the event of it being stolen, it’s clearly an area where trustworthiness plays a key role. Here we are going to look at some of the most trusted car tracker suppliers in the UK.


When it comes to trusted suppliers, you can’t have a list without including ScorpionTrack, part of the Scorpion Automotive family. Since they started in 1973, they have become the leading manufacturer of vehicle security systems from everything from cars and motorhomes to boats and HGVs.

Scorpion’s track record and reputation come from, not only their great products but from the fact that they have their own in-house team designing the hardware AND the software. Having full control of their devices means they can deliver incredible experiences to their users. Trackers like the DRIVER S5 VTS and S7 ALS deliver the highest quality at affordable prices.

When you consider that ScorpionTrack is not only one of the most trusted suppliers, they are also our most popular products, then the connection can’t be ignored.


A relatively newcomer to the vehicle tracking arena is SmarTrack. Founded in 2005, SmarTrack have spent the last decade and more focused on becoming a market leader, thanks to their incredible range of products, all of which offer amazing features.

They work closely with financial and insurance companies to create a fleet management solution to add to their existing vehicle recovery credentials.

Their products cover the whole range and include the Protector Pro Global, Trident and the S5 D-iD. Check out some of their products in our store and we’re positive they’ll have something that suits your needs to perfection.



Originally starting to monitor vehicles way back in 2006 as RAC Trackstar, they have grown to become on of the most trusted brands in the vehicle tracking industry. Products like the Teletrac Trackstar S7 and S5 have seen them monitor more than a quarter of a million vehicles across the UK and Europe.

Their reputation is due, in no small part, to the fact that all of their systems are Thatcham approved and endorsed by all police forces across Europe, including the UK. Their MyTrackstar app opens up a world of vehicle tracking and puts control firmly in the palm of your hand.

Their standing doesn’t just come from their customers, but the fact that they are the only tracking supplier trusted by the car manufacturers themselves, including Ford, Land Rover, Jaguar and BMW. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us.

Meta Trak

meta trak

The Meta Trak brand is designed and manufactured by Meta Systems. You may not have heard of them, but they are world’s number one producer of telematics technology. This has made them one of the largest producers of vehicle safety and tracking systems in the world. Not bad considering they have produced over 8 million devices since they launched in 2010.

Their reputation is further enhanced by the fact they were one of the first providers to achieve the prestigious S5 VTS accreditation, Thatcham’s latest approval standard. You can find that exact product right here in our store.


Tracker is like the granddaddy of the vehicle tracking world. Founded way back in 1993, they have grown to become one of the most trusted companies in this field.

Their products have been fitted to over a million vehicles since they started, including cars, motorbikes, HGVs not to mention plant and construction equipment. The value of those recovered vehicles collectively is over £564 million!!!

Their products are fantastic because they are one of the few companies to use a combination of GSM, VHF and GPS tracking technology. This means their vehicles can be found, even if they are stored underground, in a garage or even a shipping container. This recovery success is based on their Tracker mesh network, which utilises the connection between all of their fitted devices to work together to ‘listen’, helping find your vehicle when it goes missing. You can experience how good their products are for yourself because their Monitor, S5 Plus and Locate products are all available right here in our store.

Vodafone Automotive

Operating in 9 countries and employing over 900 people, Vodafone Automotive is a leading provider of automotive products and services – including Car Trackers. It also provides end customers with products and services indirectly through the ‘Aftermarket’ community. This includes selling, Stolen Vehicle Tracking through OE Dealership Networks such as VW Audi Group. Their stolen vehicle recovery service operates in 54 countries, including 45 European countries, in total across the world and an integrated network of remote monitoring platforms work in partnership with local police.