Porsche have found themselves at the forefront of the luxury car industry for almost 100 years. Ever since German Ferdinand Porsche founded the company in 1931, they have been at the cutting edge of the automative industry. Today, they continue to produce some of the world’s most valuable, recognisable and highest performing cars in the world.

Consumers still buy Porsche cars in their droves for their drives, but that also means car thieves have an equally high interest in them. Fitting a car tracker to your Porsche means that you can secure your dream car and stop its loss becoming a nightmare.

With that in mind, we wanted to put together a list of the best Porsche trackers available and highlight how important it is to keep an eye on your incredible piece of German engineering should the worst happen.

SmarTrack Protector Pro Global

The Protector Pro Global from SmarTrack is a great place to start when you’re looking for a tracking system for your Porsche. Not only is it fully approved by Porsche themselves (not to mention the insurance industry and Thatcham), it’s also one of our best-selling and most cost-effective systems.

The power within the system belies its compact yet rugged size. You get all the alerts you would expect with an S7 tracker like low battery, motion detection and battery disconnection. These come through its dedicated smartphone app.

Behind all that is the monitoring that comes with SmarTrack’s 24/7 control room. Whether you’re buying your first Porsche or your last, the Protector Pro is easily transferable from one vehicle to another.

Vodafone Protect and Connect S5 VTS

If you’re looking to protect your Porsche with the highest level of protection, the Protect and Connect S5 VTS from Vodafone Automotive is for you.

Don’t be fooled by the brand name, S5 is Thatcham’s highest level of protection when it comes to vehicle security and it shows with this incredible piece of equipment. It’s differentiating feature is the Automatic Driver Recognition tags that are included.  These amazing little devices are pocket-sized cards that you simply carry with you. When they are close by your Porsche, or any vehicle for that matter, they deactivate the system, allowing you to drive it away. If they’re not close by when the vehicle is moved, the alarm is raised.

Thanks to Vodafone Automotive’s ‘My Connected Car’ smartphone app, you have a whole host of other features right at your fingertips. You can track your trip history, speed alerts and create geofencing right from your pocket.  Like the SmarTrack, this system is also approved by Porsche themselves in addition to a raft of other manufacturers including Lamborghini, Bentley and Ferrari.

Whether you’re a petrolhead or just someone who appreciates the finer things in life, Porsche are one of the few cars that still manage to turn heads. Sadly, those heads sometimes belong to car thieves, so investing in a car tracker to protect your German pride and joy is an obvious decision.

Our dedicated team of installation engineers are ready to come and fit your choice of Porsche tracker, no matter where you are in the UK to give you the peace of mind car trackers give.