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Incorporating the GPS latest technology, our wide range of insurance-approved car trackers are the most effective anti-theft devices available in the UK. With car theft on the rise, you can enjoy peace of mind and security by protecting your vehicle with these state-of-the-art GPS trackers.


Infiniti Tracking specialises in car tracker installation at your home or workplace at a time suitable to you. The device you choose from our wide range of insurance approved car trackers will be delivered to your door and will be ready to be installed into your car, van, motorhome, HGV or whatever vehicle needs protected. Our installation engineer will arrive within a time slot convenient for you to carry our professional tracker fitting service. All you must do is sit back and relax as our Thatcham approved engineer installs the tracking system into your vehicle.

The tracker will monitor your vehicle’s GPS location on a tech-savvy car tracking platform. With most of our devices, you can view your vehicle live on your PC, tablet, or smartphone with pinpoint accuracy around the world. The software gives you an option to get alerts of your car by creating geo-fence zones to know if your vehicle is within a specific area. Keep an eye on your loved ones and gain valuable insight into your vehicle condition too.


A GPS car tracker monitors your vehicle location with the help of specialised software. The software collects location data over the air from the covert device fitted to your vehicle, which can then be viewed on the electronic map. The system works on a global positioning system (GPS). This navigation system consists of 24 active satellites circulating in orbit which provides the most accurate position for your car.

A vehicle tracker locates your vehicle using this innovative technology. You are well-informed about the direction and speed your vehicle is moving in real-time. Using a Car tracker can enhance business operations and act as valuable anti-theft devices in fleet vehicles too. A fleet tracking system also improves driver efficiency, helping companies to manage their field operations flawlessly.

Benefits of Installing a GPS Car Tracker?

Infiniti Tracking’s range of tracking systems is an excellent solution to protect your vehicle. These work for private individuals as well as fleet management in business (by improving business operations and cost-effectiveness). It doesn’t matter what type of car you are running; we’ll help you choose a car tracker system designed to closely match your needs.

You will find no match for our latest technology, wide product range, and competitive pricing when it comes to vehicle security and fleet management.

The Latest Car Tracking Software

Set alerts and notifications, make reports, manage, and monitor your vehicle’s movement from your sofa by using the best GPS navigation. Stay updated with a push notification about every critical event taking place with your car instantly.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Infiniti tracking offers a wide range of powerful GPS car tracking devices for tracking vehicles in real-time. Our vehicle tracking devices allow you to track your vehicle on your smartphone. By its amazing GPS navigation system, you can monitor the movements of your car live on the map. This makes it easier to follow a delivery or guide a driver to a location and saves time.

You can also keep an eye on your family member as they travel to a new location. With the help of live tracking, managers and family members can immediately send help in the case of an emergency.

Journey History

Infiniti tracking allows you to save every piece of information about the last trips you had in your vehicle. You will find all of your recent routes stored on the provided car tracking software. You can access your route history using the advanced cloud tracking software on-the-go and share detailed information about it, such as driver behaviour analysis.

Event Alerts

You can set many of our car tracking devices to send you push notifications for speeding, tampering, and geo-fencing with our cloud tracking software. You can use different combinations of these exciting features depending on the product you choose for your vehicle tracking.

Geofence Zones

Vehicle tracking is the most important feature as it offers a proper monitoring of your device. Infiniti’s tracking products allow you to create a specific zone on the digital map to keep you informed about your vehicle’s movements. As soon as the vehicle enters or exits the specific zone, you will be notified with an alert from the car tracker. It offers high-quality GPS tracker.

Employee Monitoring

This feature of our car tracking devices works best for fleet managers who want to manage employees by checking their arrival and departure times at the workplace. You can keep track of employee arrival at assigned job sites to ensure punctuality.

You can protect your company against false overtime and late delivery claims. It also helps to create better plans for work orders in the future.

Family Monitoring

You can monitor your family members (such as new drivers) while they’re on the move to ensure their safety. If an elderly family member is driving your vehicle, knowing that they are operating safely instantly brings peace of mind. You can use the tracker app to warn your family members about traffic congestion too.

Why Should You Install A GPS Tracker?

There are many reasons why you should consider installing a tracker:

Avoid Being Victim To Modern Theft Methods

Avoid falling victim to modern theft methods, such as key cloning, OBD hacking, and relay theft. Our range of Thatcham approved car trackers with features such as advanced driver recognition, 24/7 monitoring, and remote immobilisation will stop thieves in their tracks.

Driver Identification

Driver identification technology is a valuable feature of some of our vehicle tracking devices. It alerts the owner and monitoring centre if the engine is started without the proper driver recognition tags in range. This helps individuals and fleet managers to stop unauthorized vehicle use, prevent theft, and optimize workforce usage.


Some of our insurance-approved car trackers offer remote immobilisation, which is a powerful tool against theft. Individuals can ensure their vehicle’s safety wherever they leave it.

  • Auto engine immobilisation prevents your vehicle from starting without a driver identification tag present.
  • Remote immobilisation prevents your car from starting without the owner’s authorisation. The vehicle can be immobilised via a smartphone tracking app device or by the 24/7 control centre in the event of a theft.
  • You can stop any theft attempt and even recover your stolen vehicle with assistance from your local police.

Latest Tracking Technology

Our vehicle trackers are equipped with the latest technology, such as GPS, GNSS, GLONASS, and Galileo satellite systems to locate the vehicle with accuracy. You can connect with multiple satellites at a time to find your vehicle within a meter regardless of terrain and obstacles around the tracked vehicle.


What is the best car tracker?

You can choose from top-of-the-range car trackers with VHF, GSM location tracking, driver identification, authorisation tags, immobilisation, and GPS anti-jamming measures depending on your budget and required features. The Thatcham category S5 tracker is currently Thatcham’s highest-rated vehicle security device in the UK.

How much does a car tracker cost?

A car tracker might cost you around £200 including installation, depending on the features it offers. Infiniti’s most popular CAT 6 and S7 car trackers start from around £189 including nationwide installation. Our car trackers are insurance approved, include free nationwide fitting and some even come with a lifetime subscription option.

Upon purchase, we will send a Thatcham accredited engineer to your home or workplace providing nationwide expert car tracker installation. To explore our amazing range of products, click on the car trackers tab above or browse our other categories such as category S5 trackers, or category S7 trackers.

Car trackers without subscription?

All of our car tracker require a subscription, however, this might not be as expensive as you think. Some of our cheapest car tracker subscriptions are less than £5+vat per month. A valid subscription can be crucial in a theft situation.

Are car trackers transferable?

Most of our devices are 100% transferable from vehicle to vehicle (at an additional cost). All you need is an active subscription for 24/7 monitoring and emergency event alerts.

How does a tracker work in a car?

Great question! Trackers, whether on a car, truck or bike rely on the Global Positioning System (or GPS) to track the vehicle in question. This signal can also be further enhanced by radio frequencies or the mobile telephone network where coverage can be lacking.

Once installed and activated, the tracker transmits a signal that is picked up by one of over 30 satellites orbiting the earth which calculates its location. This information is relayed to a computer system back on the ground to interpret the data and display the location on a map.

The system can track a multitude of data points including the speed, direction and heading in real time. In some systems, the data from the tracker can also be used to calculate fuel consumption, tyre pressure, engine status and route information. Information that’s invaluable to you if you have a fleet of vehicles under your control.

How do I know if my car has a tracker?

In this modern, technology-fuelled age, many high-end cars will come with trackers as standard. They will have been installed at the factory when the car was first built.

However, if, like many people, you purchased your vehicle second-hand or pre-owned, then it’s possible the previous owner had the foresight to get one fitted. If you’re unsure, then you could simply ask the previous owner, check the documentation supplied with the car for any paperwork or manual referencing the tracker.

Failing that, you could ring around all the major aftermarket car tracker brands. They will be able to check their database to see if any of their products have been installed on your vehicle by using the registration number as its identifier. Please be aware that, for security reasons, you may have to supply documentation to prove you are the current owner of the vehicle in question.

What car tracker is best for insurance?

With car theft steadily increasing over the last 6/7 years, it is increasingly common for car trackers to become the go-to security feature for many car owners.

If your insurance company has requested a tracker to be installed on your vehicle as part of your insurance policy, you’ll likely require a Thatcham-approved product, fitted by an accredited installer.

These particular tracking systems have to meet certain strict criteria, such as internal battery backup, and be monitored 24 hours a day by a secure control centre.

Thatcham-approved trackers are split into 2 categories; S5 & S7. S5 is the highest category and offers the best protection against modern theft methods. These are the gold-standard of insurance industry accreditation and are awarded to only the systems with the highest level of both security and recoverability.

Where to hide a GPS tracker on a car?

As you would expect, there isn’t one standard, set place that trackers are fitted on any one vehicle. Our highly skilled and experienced Thatcham-approved engineer will assess the best position on an individual basis and covertly install the tracker within your vehicle.

Our experienced team of engineers will decide the best place to hide it and will install it in a multitude of different locations on different vehicles if necessary. You’d be amazed at how many options there are.

There will be no visible sign of the tracking system when you look inside the vehicle, making it extremely difficult for any would-be thieves to tamper with the system.

Where to buy a Car tracker?

Since 2011, the team here at Infiniti Tracking have consistently been offering one of the largest ranges of insurance-approved vehicle trackers anywhere in the UK and we continue to do so for thousands of new customers every year.

Our prices are extremely competitive and our service levels are simply second-to-none. You don’t just have to take our word for it, the multitude of 5-star customer reviews we have will tell you everything you need to know.

How to disable a GPS car tracker?

Car thieves are a smart bunch, but we’re smarter. All of our Thatcham-approved trackers come with redundancy built-in. If the power is cut, then they all come with a backup battery installed, so even if the power supply to the tracker is completely removed, the tracker will continue to communicate its location.

Furthermore, a silent alert will be sent to the 24/7 monitoring center to inform them that the tracker has possibly been tampered with. For peace of mind, you really can’t ask for more.

Some of the areas we cover:

  • Birmingham
  • Leeds
  • Manchester
  • Bradford
  • Sheffield
  • Liverpool
  • Bristol
  • Nottingham
  • Coventry
  • Leicester


When can you fit my tracker?
We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your order (Mon-Fri) to arrange a fitting appointment and we aim to have your tracker installed within 2-5 working days. This may be longer during busy periods or if you live in a hard to reach location. Please note: we cannot confirm a fitting date until we receive your confirmed order. We always try our best to accommodate your requirements. In the unlikely event we are unable to carry out your install within a reasonable timeframe, you’re welcome to a full refund.
What’s the difference between an S5 and S7 tracker?
S5 is the highest Thatcham category and features ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition). The authorised driver is required to carry a tag, card or smartphone (with an encrypted app installed) to identify the driver. S7 trackers are the lower category of the two and don’t have this feature. An S5 tracker will alert you in more theft scenarios than an S7 tracker would. Driver recognition aside, S5 and S7 systems otherwise have the same basic features, such as 24/7 control room monitoring, internal backup battery and protection against the vehicle being towed or lifted away. All of our S5 and S7 trackers (with exception of the Tracker Monitor and Tracker Retrieve) also come with a dedicated smartphone app, which allows you to see the vehicle’s location among many other useful features.
What is an S5+ Tracker?
Unlike categories S5 and S7, S5+ is NOT a Thatcham category. It’s a name used in the trade for a S5 tracker which also has the addition of remote immobilisation. Remote immobilisation allows the staff at the 24/7 control centre to immobilise the vehicle in a theft situation. Immobilisation is not part of the Thatcham criteria so it’s unlikely to be an insurance requirement, but it’s a useful tool in the fight against vehicle theft. Some of our S5+ trackers allow the customer to remotely immobilise the vehicle from a smartphone app. Other S5+ systems include “no tag, no start” technology, preventing the vehicle from being driven if the ADR (automatic driver recognition) tag is not within the proximity of the vehicle.
Who are Thatcham?
Thatcham are the only “not for profit” insurer funded research centre in the UK and have been at the forefront of vehicle security since the 90s. Thatcham created the S5 and S7 certification for vehicle tracking systems, which verifies the functionality, design and performance of the products. Thatcham are NOT a brand of tracker, they are more like a governing body.
Which tracker should I choose?
Please see our helpful "Tracker Selector" tool to help you choose. If you’re still unsure, feel free to call us, drop us an email or use the chat feature on our homepage.
Do I need to pay a subscription fee?
All of our trackers require you to pay a subscription fee. Depending on which tracker you choose, your subscription fee is either collected by us at checkout, or paid directly to the tracking manufacturer after installation. The tracker will not operate without a subscription (think of it like buying a mobile phone without a contract). Your subscription fee covers things like the 24/7/365 staffed control-room monitoring (if your product is insurance approved), data charges to allow the tracker to communicate on the GSM network, ongoing technical support and the administration of your tracking account.
Will I get an insurance certificate?
If you’ve purchased an insurance-approved product, yes. Once your installation has been completed and your subscription fee has been paid, you will be issued with a certificate of installation which you can give to your insurer. Depending on your product, the certificate can either be accessed straight away via your online portal or it will be emailed to you by the tracking manufacturer within 48 hours.
Can you install the tracker at my address?
Yes, we come to you. We provide a fully mobile service and will visit your home or work address at a time convenient to you.
Can you install the tracker at the dealership before I collect the vehicle?
Yes, we regularly visit car and motorhome dealerships throughout the UK to install our tracking products. All you need to do is get the dealership’s permission and let them know when to expect us.
How long does the installation take?
The installation process usually takes 1-2 hours.
Does your free installation service cover the whole of the UK?
Our free installation service covers 99% of the UK mainland. However, we may not be able to cover some remote locations (such as parts of the Scottish highlands). Installation lead times may vary depending on your location too. If you live in a remote/rural location, feel free to contact us before placing your order.
Will fitting a tracker void my warranty?
To date, we have had zero instances of a customer’s warranty being affected after one of our installations. We use only Thatcham approved installation procedures and connection methods. However, due to the complex variations in manufacturer’s warranties, it is your responsibility to check that having a specific product installed to your vehicle does not affect your vehicle’s warranty agreement.
What does tracker fitting involve?
The tracker will be covertly installed in a hidden location within the vehicle. Our Thatcham approved engineer will decide on the most suitable location within your particular vehicle. The tracker will usually be connected to the vehicle electrical system using industry standard connection methods and all wiring will be concealed. The tracker will then be fully tested and activated by the engineer.
Will the tracker drain my battery?
The current drain on our trackers when the vehicle is parked is minimal (milliamps). This level of current drain is negligible and will not affect the vehicle’s electronics or your ability to start the engine.
What happens if my vehicle is stolen?
Depending on your tracker model and the theft method used, you may receive a phone call or alert from the trained staff at the 24/7 control centre within a few seconds of your car being stolen. In some other scenarios you would report the vehicle stolen using the number provided to you in your welcome pack. Once the vehicle is confirmed to be stolen, expert staff liaise with police to recover the vehicle.
Could the thieves not just rip the tracker out?
Our trackers are covertly installed by our expert engineers and have around a 96% recovery rate (according to one of our brand partners). It’s not impossible for a thief to find a tracker, but it’s quite rare.
Do I need immobilisation with my tracker? How does it work?
Since 2019, immobilisation is no longer part of the Thatcham criteria when it comes to trackers. So it’s likely that you don’t need a tracking system with immobilisation to meet your insurance requirements. However if you want extra peace of mind, you may wish to consider immobilisation. With our S5 trackers with immobilisation (sometimes referred to as S5+ trackers), the vehicle can be immobilised remotely by the staff at the 24/7/365 control centre in the event of a theft. Some of our systems also allow the customer to remotely immobilise the vehicle from a smartphone app. Other systems include “no tag, no start” technology, preventing the vehicle from being started if the ADR (automatic driver recognition) tag is not within the proximity of the vehicle. We don’t install immobilisation to hybrid or electric vehicles.
Will my tracker work abroad?
All of our S5 and S7 trackers provide European coverage as standard and often global coverage. If you need more information on exactly which countries your chosen tracker operates in, we recommend contacting the tracker manufacturer directly for confirmation.
Do your trackers work on electric and hybrid vehicles?
Our full range of S5 and S7 tracking systems are compatible with with electric and hybrid vehicles, with the exception of our trackers which feature the immobilisation feature (S5+). We don’t install immobilisation to hybrid or electric vehicles.
Can I transfer my tracker when I buy a new vehicle?
All of our trackers, with exception of the “Tracker” brand, can be transferred between vehicles. This is a chargeable service and you can contact us for a quote.

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  • Fast and efficient – we aim to have your installation completed within 2-5 working days.
  • Our UK-wide team of expert engineers are Thatcham accredited and fully insured so you can be sure your vehicle is in safe hands.

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