As we become more attuned to our responsibility in the battle to reverse the environmental impact of climate change, the increase in sales of electric vehicles is clear to see. Whilst the difference they make to the overall picture is still up for debate, there’s no denying that they do help. They reduce carbon emissions and have lower running costs than their fossil-fuel-guzzling counterparts.

With more and more people choosing to buy fully electric cars, thoughts will invariably turn to the best devices for those vehicles to keep them secured. Here we are going to look at the best trackers for your electric vehicle and the benefits they can give you.

With over 300,000 electric vehicles already on the road, a number that is rising every year, and forthcoming legislation effectively eliminating petrol and diesel cars over the next decade or so, electric cars are going to become the norm. Their range will increase, the price will come down and the battery technology will mature to a point where we won’t think twice about buying one, so thieves will not think twice about stealing one.

Electric cars have become an attractive option for car thieves because their market value remains high. They also benefit from quieter engines, so they are easier to steal without arousing suspicion of those nearby. Add in their keyless entry systems, something that’s common on almost all new cars whether they’re electric or not, and it’s no surprise that their insurance premiums have increased.  One way to counteract that is by having a vehicle tracker installed, but which one?

One of the best trackers for your electric vehicle comes from a company you might not immediately associate with car security and that’s Vodafone.

Vodafone Trackers for EV’s: 

Formerly known as Cobra, Vodafone, and their Protect and Connect S5 (and S7) VTS car trackers are manufactured under their Vodafone Automotive brand. These Thatcham-approved trackers are insurance-approved and come with all the features you would expect. Things like low battery and motion alerts work hand-in-hand with a 24-hour control centre. Not to mention GPS and GSM blocking alerts make these devices fantastic value for money.

In order to achieve Thatcham’s highly sought after S5/5 accreditation, the S5 version includes Automatic Driver Recognition tags which means the system disarms when the tag is near but, more importantly, alerts the control centre if the vehicle is moved without it being in proximity.

On top of that, their real power is the ‘My Connected Car’ feature that puts a whole host of powerful features right at your fingertips. Even if you buy it now and don’t have an electric car, you can easily transfer it when you finally take the plunge.

Don’t be fooled by the branding, Vodafone Automotive is the only tracking brand that has been approved by the giant Volkswagen Audi Group. A real mark of confidence for anyone looking to buy into the eco-system.

Another fantastic tracker for your electric car is the Locate system from Tracker.  Even if thieves do overcome all the security features of the device, there’s nowhere to hide with this fitted to your car.

This is truly a top of the line product from an industry-leading company. It users three different technologies to help track your car to make the chances of recovery so much higher.  It combines VHF, GSM and GPS to pinpoint your stolen vehicle and, thanks to those technologies, help you find it whether it’s hidden in an underground car park, locked garage or even a shipping container. The control centre will be able to find the exact location of the car to ensure it is returned to you as quickly as possible.

You can buy both of these trackers on our web store, but they’re not the only trackers suitable. We pride ourselves in offering devices that suit all cars, all makes and for all budgets. Whether your car is electric or not, the prices won’t give you a shock.

SmarTrack Protector Pro Global

The other fantastic GPS tracker we’d recommend for your EV is the Protector Pro Global from industry-leading security company SmarTrack.

This is one of the best-selling trackers we have on the site and its for good reason. Not only does its feature-rich specification appeal to all car owners, its incredibly well priced for a tracker with this many inclusions.

One of its key features, and is given away by its name, is its ability to track worldwide. As car theft and ‘stealing to order’ are now commonplace, your electric car is just as likely to end up half-way around the world if its stolen, but with the Protector Pro, that’s no longer a problem thanks to its internal aerials.

Of course, you get the same level of notifications for things like low battery, motion and battery disconnect, but you also have the peace of mind offered by the 24-hour control centre and its GPS tracking technology, in addition to the GPRS, GSM and LBS to make sure there’s no hiding place for this car.

Whether you’ve already taken the plunge and bought an electric vehicle or you’re just thinking about it, keeping it secure should always be part of the decision making process. Keeping it secure with a car tracker should be just as important a decision. Car security might not save the planet, but it swill ave you from the heartbreak of losing your ‘current’ car.