If you’re serious about protecting your vehicle then you ought to think about fitting one of the best trackers available. Thatcham is responsible for rating car trackers and a Category 5 tracking system (re-categorized to Category S5 in January 2019) is regarded as the very best. CAT 5 (or S5) trackers are specifically recommended for high-value and prestige vehicles such as supercars and SUVs. A Thatcham Category 5 or S5 device will not only satisfy your insurance company, but it will also give you peace of mind that your vehicle is fitted with the very best anti-theft technology on the market. Are you looking for CAT 5 tracker installation? Want to compare Category 5 trackers? Maybe you want to know the average CAT 5 tracker cost. As always, Infiniti Tracking is here to help! We have compared Category 6/S7 Trackers And Category 5/S5 Trackers to help you select the ideal tracking device for your vehicle.


What Do CAT 5 Trackers Do?

Before you buy a CAT 5 tracker for your car, it’s worth making sure you know exactly what you’re buying into. These trackers provide the utmost in vehicle safety and security. Not only does this mean that you’ll always be able to track your car at all times, but it also means you’ll get a stack of fantastic features on top.


  • It will be fitted with the best GPS technology on the market. You’ll be able to track your vehicle through dedicated apps and desktop software.
  • You’ll be able to geo-fence your vehicle. This means you can restrict how far your car can go before an alert is raised. You’ll also benefit from tamper alarm technology to let you know when something appears to be amiss.
  • CAT 5 & S5 tracking systems will allow you to activate and deactivate the system with encrypted driver-id fobs (or ADR tags).
  • You’ll be able to monitor previous journeys and track everything your car does and has done.
  • Optional remote immobilization is also a feature on some Category S5 trackers (from January 2019 this feature is no longer mandatory for insurance purposes).


CAT 5 Tracker Benefits

Not yet convinced? Let’s take a look at some further benefits of CAT 5 trackers:

  • CAT 5 trackers are the safest devices of their kind on the market, as graded by Thatcham. Therefore, you won’t get much more control over your vehicle’s safety than this.
  • Category 5 trackers may help to lower your insurance premiums. This is because they are premium assets to the security of your vehicle.
  • You can locate and activate your tracker from anywhere in the world. Simply log into the relevant app provided and you’ll be able to see everything your car does in real-time.
  • CAT 5 devices are perfect for business vehicles and for cars of extensive worth. Tracker fitting is an amazing thief deterrent, which means you will always be able to rest easy if you’re away from your vehicle.


Products We Support

Here at Infiniti Tracking, we’re pleased to be able to offer so many great Category 5 trackers for sale. All of the Category 5 trackers listed on our website include nationwide installation at no extra cost. Our Thatcham accredited engineer will visit your home or workplace at a date and time convenient to you. We don’t believe in cheap CAT 5 trackers – just the best technology, fully fitted at fantastic prices. Some of our most popular models include:

  • The SmarTrack S5 DRS
  • The Vodafone Protect and Connect S5 VTS
  • The Tracker S5 Plus
  • The Meta Trak S5-VTS
  • The Teletrac Trackstar S5

All of the above trackers are insurance-approved – which means you can start enjoying lower premiums and the best vehicle tracking protection on the market.

If you’d like to know more about our products and how Category 5 trackers could help you, call our team today on 0141 266 0082, or take a closer look at our wide range of devices here: Category 5 trackers