More and more people are protecting themselves on the roads.  While all road users should already be insured and should be aware of how to stay safe while driving, accidents can still occur.  For this reason, the need for dash cam fitting Scotland and elsewhere is growing by the minute.  But why buy a dashcam for your car or HGV?

Dash Cam Benefits

For drivers of all ages and experiences, fitting a dashcam just makes sense as far as safety is concerned.

  • Fitted to the front and/or rear of your vehicle, a dashcam will record everything your car sees.
  • Therefore, if you do find yourself in a collision, and proof of fault is required, you are always fully covered.
  • Dashcams can also be used to help track perpetrators of hit and runs. Dashcams can be set up to monitor even when your vehicle is parked and when you’re not around.
  • Modern dash cams, such as those developed by Thinkware, come with GPS built-in. Therefore, you can pinpoint the exact location where certain incidents took place.
  • What’s more, a dashcam will even record your speed. It is a valuable asset should you need to provide proof of innocence in an accident.
  • A great dashboard camera will also capture video for you to watch back at your leisure. This is fantastic if you enjoy taking scenic drives.

Dash Cam Features To Look For

Why buy a dash cam that’s not up to scratch?  As experts in Edinburgh dash cam fitting, we’re here to provide and install some fantastic technology to offer you complete peace of mind.  But what are some of the best dash cam features to look for?  Here are just a few reasons why you should look to buy a Thinkware dashcam:

  • Full HD and 4K video are available – crisp, clear video with no room for interpretation.
  • Simple set-up and install. If you’re in need of dashcam fitting Scotland or elsewhere, we’re here to get you up and running with ease.
  • Flexible storage – modern Thinkware dash cams come fitted with cloud server support. That means you can store hours and hours of footage without having to worry about space.
  • Advanced GPS and speed tracking –so you have all the confidence you need should you need to address an accident.

Glasgow Dash Cam Installers

The team at Infiniti Tracking aren’t just Glasgow’s dashcam installers – we supply car tracker fitting Scotland road users can rely on.  Interested in dashcam benefits, or want to know more about Thinkware?  Intrigued by our pioneering car tracking app?

A reliable and durable dash cam could make all the difference to your road safety.  Don’t ask ‘why buy a dashcam’ – ask ‘when’!  For dash cam installation and car tracking in Glasgow and beyond, call Infiniti Tracking today on 0141 266 0082, or email us for an affordable quote at info@infinititracking.co.uk.  We’ll get back in touch with you as soon as we can!