When you finally take ownership of your dream vehicle, it’s such a great feeling. Finally getting behind the wheel of the car, bike or even motorhome that you’ve wanted for years never gets old…… until it does. 

Sooner or later, you’re not going to look at your current love quite as adoringly as you used to. All those miles you’ve been over together start to feel somewhat pedestrian. Your eye starts to look at what else is on the market. Your begin to feel your head and heart being pulled in another direction. What can you do about it? Don’t worry, it happens to us all.

Securing Against Car Theft:

Having a car tracker fitted to your car, whether it’s your dream machine or not, securing it against car theft is always going to be something you need to consider.

We know there’s a multitude of options out there on the market, we sell many of the very best ones available after all, but behind all the flashy sales speak and marketing gloss the manufacturers put behind their products, there one key aspect often gets overlooked by consumers. How to transfer it from one vehicle to another. Is it even possible and if so, how is it done?

If you need to transfer your existing car tracking onto another vehicle, then that’s definitely something you need to consider when buying a tracker and it definitely should be a feature of the one you opt for.

Transferring a system from one vehicle to another isn’t just a sound security decision, it also makes sense financially. You won’t have to spend more money on a brand new system and any existing subscription can be easily transferred over.

One word of warning though, you may not be able to transfer your subscription in every case. It will really depend on the terms and conditions the manufacturer adds to the agreement you initially signed, so check the small print before deciding. 

Thatcham-Accredited Transfer:

You will also obviously need the system to be physically transferred from one vehicle to another. This will need to be done, in almost all cases, by a Thatcham-accredited and approved Engineer. If you need a price for this, please give us a call and we’ll get you the very best price possible. Our team travel across the UK installing systems for our customers, so no matter where you are, we can help.

If instead you want to sell your car with your tracker installed and don’t want to transfer it, then there’s a couple of things to consider. If there’s still time to run on your subscription plan and the new owner doesn’t want to take it over, there may be a cancellation fee to pay. This will depend on how long there’s left on the contract. The new owner can then take on a new subscription with their new details.

Should you be the new owner of a car with a tracker fitted, then you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the device, its location on the vehicle, and all the relevant details on the subscription. Be sure to ask the previous owner for this information prior to hanging over the money! You don’t want to be driving a car that’s capable of being tracked by people other than you or one where you’re unaware of it.

Whatever circumstances you find yourself in, our team are always on hand to help. Whether you’re looking for your first car tracker, transferring one, or inheriting it, we can give you the best advice to keep you moving, and secured when you’re not.