Motorhome Tracker

It’s not just cars and vans that can be tracked. If you own a motorhome, a camper van, or a caravan, you too can benefit from state-of-the-art GPS vehicle tracking for complete peace of mind. Motorhome trackers are a fantastic investment for owners who are looking to protect their vehicles. You never know when would-be thieves are ready to strike. However, with our wide range of motorhome tracking systems, you can make sure you have eyes on your vehicle at all times.

Why Should I Use a Motorhome Tracker?

Caravan, motorhome and camper van trackers do more than just let you check where your asset is. You’ll have full access to online features including journey history, geofence alerts, and more. If your motorhome is likely to be driven by more than one person, some trackers will let you set up speeding alerts too.

The best camper van trackers on the market give you complete control at all times. Here at Infiniti Tracking, we supply trackers with mobile apps ready for you to download to your smartphone or tablet. The mobile apps allow visibility of multiple vehicles, which is great for owners with more than one vehicle. Our trackers are a must-have safety measure to ensure that your vehicle and assets are always easy to retrieve if something goes wrong.

Insurance Approved Tracking

When looking for motorhome trackers, think carefully about the insurance factor. You’re going to need to invest in a system that your insurance company will support. Infiniti Tracking only ever supplies tracking systems which are at least category 5 or 6 insurance-approved on the Thatcham scale. Therefore, if the worst-case scenario occurs, you’re fully covered.

Insuring a motorhome with an insurance-approved tracker may well save you money in the long term with some insurers offering substantial discounts on premiums. Depending on the value of your motorhome, a category 5 or 6 trackers may even be demanded by your insurer before they cover it for theft. All of our tracking systems come with subscription packages, allowing you to pay a monthly, annual, or one-off fee for complete protection for the lifetime of the vehicle. That’s incredible peace of mind whatever your vehicle and no matter what you use it for.

What are the Best Trackers for Motorhomes?

We work with all the leading brands in tracking technology and innovation, such as Tracker UK, SmarTrack, Vodafone Automotive, Trackstar, Meta Trak, and Scorpion Automotive. All of the trackers on our website are tried, tested, and industry-approved. There is no single ‘best tracker’. Take a look at our tracker comparison page to find the right tracking system to suit your requirements and budget. These brands work tirelessly to develop systems that are easy to use and which are even easier to rely on. You don’t have to take our word for it – try them out for yourself!

Keeping Your Motorhome Protected

If you care about your motorhome, caravan or campervan, you’ll care about protecting it against theft and unauthorized use. Take a look at our caravan and motorhome trackers category on our website or contact us on 0141 266 0082 for free expert advice from Infiniti Tracking if you need it!