A report by the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) revealed that there were 52, 288 cars stolen in the UK in 2019 – one stolen car every nine minutes. The report was released following a Freedom of Information request by Rivervale Leasing, who crunched 10 years of data from the Office of National Statistics about the rates of missing cars and discovered that just 40% of stolen cars are returned to their own. If you own a car or a fleet of cars anywhere in the UK, you might want to consider putting additional car theft prevention measures by installing a car tracker.

Infiniti Tracking is happy to provide both private car owners and businesses with the most reliable vehicle tracking services. Using the latest technology, the company’s wide range of insurance-approved vehicles trackers are the most effective anti-theft devices available in the UK. With the rising cases of car theft, you can take advantage of their services and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your car or fleet is safe and secure.

What Types of Car Tracking Solutions Does Infiniti Tracking Provide?

Infiniti Tracking specialises in car tracking fitting at your home or workplace. They have a broad range trackers, allowing you to choose the most suitable car tracker that meets your needs. Your selected tracker will be delivered to your door and be ready to be installed into your vehicle. You can schedule the most convenient time for their engineer to carry out professional installation of the tracker. The process of tracker installation is fast, safe and secure.  You can trust their Thatcham approved engineers to provide the best quality installation service.

How Does A Car Tracker Work?

A car tracker helps you monitor your vehicle’s location on a tech-savvy car tracking platform. Infiniti Tracking allows you to view your car’s movement and location, anywhere around the world live on your PC, tablet, or smartphone with pinpoint accuracy. The software gives you an option to get alerts of your car creating geo-fence zones to know if your car is within a specific area. This way, you can keep an eye on not only your car but also your loved ones.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing A Car Tracker?

  • It enables you to track the movement of your car real time
  • It helps you track your journey history with flawless accuracy
  • It gives you the ability to monitor your employees, allowing you to know their arrival and departure times
  • Helps monitor family to ensure their safety

Ready to provide an additional layer of security to your car? Get in touch with Infiniti Tracking via their official website or call 0141 266 0082.