As you may know, car trackers have a great benefit on your car’s safety as well as reducing insurance premiums. However, lately you have likely heard about the Thatcham category s7 tracker for your car which is extremely popular and cost-effective. Although there are many companies which provide the aforementioned tracker, you might not fully understand the specification of the product. However, you can rest assured that the Thatcham category S7 tracker has a host of advanced features and will be able to provide you with many security benefits.

Vehicles are a common target for thieves. Although you can get insurance for your car, it would still be a major inconvenience if you were to fall victim to theft. Although insurance could lighten your financial burden, you would still have to deal with the emotional problems afterwards. After all, not all insurance claims could result in a satisfactory pay out. Furthermore, even if you are dissatisfied with the result, you would still have to deal with the complicated terms and processes. Only then your complaints could come to a reconsideration and adjustment in the compensation amount the insurance company would give you. You might not want to deal with such a thing, however, both the unsatisfactory decision and the unprotected car will do you no good.

Category s7 trackers are a GPS security device which could be installed on your car to provide safety measures against unwanted events. It could help you to gain control of the situation while anticipating the worst things to come. It could be said that the category S5 trackers are still providing the best features, but s7 still has a wide range of security measures to offer at a great price. For example, s7 trackers could provide you with an accurate vehicle location within the range of meters. Besides, it also could send you warning messages through mobile apps. You would be able to monitor the movements of your car, and be alerted of battery disconnection or tampering. Of course the tracking 24/7 control centre would be able to get support from all UK police forces and they work 365 days a year to support you whenever the bad things happen. The mobile app also enables you to locate your vehicle’s live position just in seconds. Our S7 trackers have been very popular recently because of their excellent value and our efficient nationwide installation service.

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