Whilst it doesn’t always make the news, car theft has been increasing over recent years, and the pandemic was no exception. It’s no longer just opportunist thieves who have their eyes on your vehicular pride and joy, but organised crime is targeting high-value automotive, especially Range Rovers.

Given the incredible rise in popularity of Range Rovers, along with many other luxury 4x4s, over the last decade, it’s no surprise that these inspirational vehicles have become a target, but we’re here to help.

If you’re looking to secure your Range Rover and prevent it from being stolen, we’ve put together some of the best theft prevention techniques available. Whether thieves are targeting your Range Rover through technology, like a keyless entry relay attack, or old-fashioned brute-force, we have something for you to help keep your Rover safe.

With all the inherent tech that goes into making modern day cars safer, let alone luxury SUVs, covering all the bases is key in the fight against car theft. We don’t think twice about the convenience offered to us by remote locking systems, but this tech can also be used against us.

Relay Attacks:

Relay attacks occur when thieves can effectively clone the signal your keyless fob uses to lock (or unlock) your car doors. This is one of the newest forms of theft, but has quickly gained dubious popularity.

It involves thieves using their own technology to ‘steal’ the signal by placing a device within range of your keys. Once captured, this signal is then relayed to another device being held next to your car to receive that signal. The car’s electronics believe the signal is genuine and unlocks the car, making it easier for the thieves to steal. To combat this, you can keep your keys within a Faraday bag, case or box to stop the signal being transmitted. These are readily available and are relatively cheap but can save you so much heartache.

From high-tech to old-school, another way to prevent theft of your Range Rover is with some classic visual deterrents. Having a heavy duty steering wheel or handbrake lock fitted to your Range Rover will offer an extra layer of protection to your car.

Thieves wanting to steal your car want to do so as quickly as possible to minimise their risks, so anything that will delay this may make them think twice before trying to steal your car. Not only will the extra time put them off, but heavy duty security items like these will need extra work to defeat and that often means more noise, another facet of car theft they will want to avoid.

Car Trackers:

Of course, one of the best and most effective ways to prevent your vehicle from being stolen is with a Range Rover car tracker. With the value of Range Rovers at the higher-end, it would be prudent to opt for a S5 or S7 tracker to ensure your car has the highest level of security and protection.

To cover both bases, we would recommend either the Range Rover S7 or S5, both from leading supplier Trackstar. Both are insurance approved, not to mention come with approval from Range Rover themselves, which includes their Land Rover and Jaguar brands.  With both you get the Trackstar smartphone app in which you can control and monitor the trackers status including battery back-up, motion alerts, battery disconnect, all backed by a 24-hour control centre.

As you would expect, the main differentiator between the two is that the S5 version, the highest level of Thatcham security protocols, comes with Driver Recognition tags that stop the car from being started if they are not in close proximity of the car.

Should the worst happen and the thieves somehow get around all of those protections, you can be assured that with either one of these trackers fitted by our team of dedicated engineers, that the chances of getting the vehicle back increases dramatically.

There’s never been a better time to take control of your Range Rover and keep it secured. Whilst the threats are real, the ability to thoroughly protect your car has never been better, more needed or easier than it is now.