In a relatively short period of time, the Global Positioning System (GPS) has revolutionised our relationship with technology. From the mobile phones we carry around every day to the supply chain we all rely on, it has integrated into our lives beyond compare, not least within the GPS tracking devices located on our vehicles.

When it comes to car security, why we choose to protect our pride and joy will obviously change from one person to another. We’re all different, so we all will have different reasons to invest in a GPS tracking device.

If you’re still weighing up your options, or are ready to take the plunge, we wanted to look at some of the most important things to consider when buying a tracker and why it really is an investment worth taking.

1. Theft Prevention

It should be no great surprise that one of the most important reasons anyone invests in a GPS tracker for their car, van or motorhome is to prevent it from being stolen. Whether you own one car or manage a whole fleet of vehicles, anything that can help prevent it from being stolen has to be considered seriously.

Whilst it can’t 100% guarantee that it can’t be stolen (nothing can), it will reduce the risk significantly, whilst also massively increasing the chances of getting your vehicle back, thanks to the real-time tracking abilities that come with the GPS.

Any suspicious activity or unauthorised movement can immediately be flagged to the 24/7 control centre, who will liaise with your local police force on your behalf. When it comes to financial investment, your vehicle is probably only second to your home, so spending a little extra on a tracker to secure it when you’re away from it has to be one of your best, and simplest, decisions.

2. Monitor Your Car’s Vitals

Tracking a vehicle’s position in real-time isn’t the only benefit you gain from investing in a car tracking system. Many models also offer you the opportunity to analyse important statistics on your car.

These stats are vital if you manage a fleet of cars and trucks, but if even if it’s just the family car you’re connected too, they can also give you information on how it’s being driven by other members of the family.

Whether it’s you, your grown-up children or your other half, being able to understand how your car is being driven can help you to save money. Cars that are driven carelessly can have a huge impact on the money you have to spend on them; from the amount of fuel they use, the wear and tear on the tyres and any subsequent repair costs. If you can understand them, the more money you’ll save.

Trackers allow you to monitor a number of factors including the speed the car has been driven, the direction of travel, fuel consumption, how many hours it has been driven and when. Collectively, they can provide a fascinating insight to how your car is being used, whether you’re at the wheel or not.

3. Peace of Mind

As we mentioned earlier, your vehicle is probably the second most expensive financial expenditure you will make. Investing in a tracker gives you peace of mind that that investment is secured.

Whether it’s stored at home or parked up whilst you’re out and about, a car tracker works to warn you immediately against any unauthorised movement of your vehicle, even if it’s being towed by a traffic enforcement vehicle. If it moves when it’s not supposed too, you’ll instantly know about it.

Not only that, some models offer even more options to make you feel secure. Some trackers offer warning of collisions that occur, incredibly valuable if other members of your family are out in the car. Others also can monitor the driver’s voice, particularly useful if the vehicle has been stolen, as it might offer some vital clues the police need in the earliest moments of the theft.

Of course, your reason for buying a tracker may well differ from mine, but I think we can all agree with some confidence that having any tracker fitted gives you a sense of comfort that you’ve done all you can.