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Time seems to fly whether you’re having fun or not. After a seemingly lightning quick year and with Christmas just a few short weeks away, thoughts turn to putting together a list of presents to get and hoping you find yourself on the big fellas nice list.

Whilst it can be a tricky time for some, if you find yourself with some money to burn and are wanting to splash out on something amazing for your family, friends or even yourself, what could you get for over £200? We’re glad you asked!

We previously posted a Christmas Gift Guide for those looking to spend less than £200, but this is for those with a little more money at their disposal.

We’ve tried to put together a list that would appeal to most people so, without further ado, let’s take a look at what we have at the £200 price point and over, including those for whom money is no object, but where vehicle security is still a top concern.


When it comes to car trackers, the two choices are often whether to get one rated as S7 or S5. These relate to Thatcham Research’s categorisation of security products; S5 being the higher of the two, but S7 shouldn’t be discounted so easily.

The Tracker Locate is the premier S7 tracker. Its key feature is that it combines VHF (Very High Frequency) with GPS and GSM technologies to offer a premium recovery system that is far more resilient to attacks than many similar and other more expensive products.

Even if thieves block the GPS and GSM signals, VHF will still be active to ensure your vehicle can be tracked and recovered quickly and easily.

So not only do you get an incredible tracker, you get peace of mind that your vehicle is much safer and more secure this festive period.


If you’re looking beyond a vehicle tracker, or have one already, then how about a dashboard camera, or ‘dash-cam’, as they’re often referred to?

With some many potential hazards on the roads these days, being able to record what goes on could be vital in proving you weren’t at fault for any insurance claims, especially if those pesky reindeers aren’t watching where they’re going!

The U1000 is one of the latest products from Thinkware and is their flagship product, thanks to its market-leading 4k Ultra High-Definition front-facing camera and a 150 degree wide angle view.

Combine this incredible device with their optional 2K rear-facing camera and your sleigh ride is covered from every angle.


Let’s finish with the most expensive tracker we sell, the S5 Deadlock Pro from Meta Trak. It might be expensive for some, but if you’re looking for a vehicle tracker that has everything you need, look no further!

The S5 Deadlock Pro really is the ultimate vehicle security solution, so has to be on our list and yours! If you’ve seen its little brother (or is it sister?) the S5 Deadlock, then this takes it to the Pro level and beyond.

As vehicles get more sophisticated and security technology advances, the thieves and the tools they use do too and that’s exactly where this tracker comes into play.

Building on the success of the Deadlock, this beast of a system has everything that has, with the addition of OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) port immobilisation, making it one of the most advanced vehicle security systems available anywhere.

As you would expect for such a highly spec’d tracker, it’s insurance-approved and easily meets Thatcham’s highest security categorisation. So good even Santa uses it (probably).


As the morning and nights get darker earlier and earlier, you want peace of mind that your vehicles is safe and secure.

 Buy now and enjoy UK wide installation.

 With over 20 years experience, Infiniti gives you a gift everyone will be overjoyed with.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to give yourself the gift of securing your car, motorhome, motorbike or van over Christmas and into the new year. Our team are on-hand to give you the best possible advice and get you set-up quickly and easily. We’re available from 9 am – 6 pm, Monday to Friday on 0330 043 3993 when you’re ready to buy.

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