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As the economy starts to take a bigger bite from your wages, your savings and any disposable income you have, many of us are looking at ways to tighten our belts.

When you’re looking to save money, it’s easy to spend less in the short term, but that can often cost you even more in the long run.

If you’re looking to buy a car tracker to keep your vehicle secure, then the costs can mount up, but there is another option if you’re on a budget.

Within our fantastic range of vehicle trackers, we also offer a selection that aren’t insurance-approved.

Now that might sound like a strange proposition at first, but these devices offer fantastic value for money, whilst also giving you the power to monitor your vehicle yourself, right from the palm of your hand.

The question is are they any good? What are they? Do non-insurance approved trackers still provide you with enough peace of mind that your vehicle will be secure without the expense? Let’s take a look.


Most vehicle trackers gain their ‘insurance-approved’ status by meeting the strict criteria set down by Thatcham Research, the insurance-funded automative research centre, but it’s not a mandatory requirement.

Thatcham’s aim is to reduce the cost of motor insurance claims by increasing vehicular safety standards. As such, security product manufacturers work hard to ensure their products pass Thatcham’s rigorous testing procedures to prove their credentials. This is vital when it comes to marketing their systems and gain that all-important ‘insurance approved’ status.

The features within those products provide the public with reassurance that the design, functionality and performance of the device meets set standards. The thing is, trackers don’t HAVE to meet these to be effective.

You might think that buying a ‘non-insurance approved’ tracker means it’s going to come from a backstreet manufacturer, or that it’s not going to give you the protection you need, but that’s just not the case.

Many of the leading manufacturers of car trackers, like Meta Trek, ScorpionTrack and SmarTrack make these trackers too. They obviously know their stuff and wouldn’t risk their professional reputation on a second-class product.


The main differences between an insurance-approved and non-insurance approved tracker often boils down to the level of support you receive from the manufacturer.

Most, if not all, approved systems come with access to a 24/7 control centre who, in the event of a theft, will be available to you to track your vehicle and liaise with the police to recover the vehicle. With non-approved trackers, that will be done by you via a smartphone app.

The other main difference is that some trackers that fit this non-insurance-approved criteria can be installed without any specialist knowledge, and some have no wiring to connect at all. The ultimate DIY system for those looking to secure their vehicle for less. Don’t worry though, we can still come and install them anywhere in the UK if needed.

You will still get many of the notifications and alerts that more expensive trackers come with, like journey history, geo-fencing, low battery warning and driver behaviour analysis.

They are also transferable when, or if, you change your vehicle and want to move the tracker from one car, bike, motorhome or van to another.


Another key benefit of having a non-insurance-approved tracker is that they have no, or very low, subscription fees.

Most of the normal subscription costs goes towards maintaining the 24/7 control centre but, as we mentioned earlier, not having that as part of the package means that more of your money stays in your pocket.

Whilst you might not get all the ‘bells and whistles’ many other systems offer, that doesn’t mean that you’re getting second-best. These systems still will give you and your vehicle the security you need and you get it all for less.

 If you’re interested, you can check out our range of non-insurance approved trackers

 Leading brands with fantastic trackers at low prices, including those for fleet management.

 For those looking for a self-tracking, self-management solution, these can offer incredible devices for less.

If we’ve opened your eyes to what’s available then we’d love to hear from you. Our team is available from 9 am – 6 pm, Monday to Friday on 0330 043 3993 to find you the best tracker, whether it’s insurance approved or not, and get your vehicle secured as soon as possible.

We all love spending time at home, but for those with a campervan, the whole world can become your living room. In recent years, the sales of motorhomes have consistently increased. In fact, according to the National Caravan Council (NCC), motorhomes and campervans are being sold in record numbers across the UK.

In the latest figures released by the DVLA, 16,608 new motorhomes were registered between July 2020 and July 2021. This represents an 8.25% increase from the previous year, which was also a record at the time. As a population, we now spend around £1.15 BILLION on motorhomes, caravans and campers in the UK alone every year. It’s clear that we’re staycationing more than ever and whilst that’s a positive thing for us, it’s also an increased market for those looking to steal them.

If you’ve just bought your first motorhome, upgraded to a newer model or simply looking to take your first step on the journey to having your holidays on wheels, then we’re going to look at some of the best ways to secure your motorhome for every budget.


It’s important to remember that, unlike most other vehicle security, the contents of your motorhome will be much greater than with a car or bike. If the vehicle does get stolen, it’s likely that almost all of your possessions at the time will go along with it, so you need a robust security solution for when you’re away AND when it’s stored at home.

Many thefts that occur with motorhomes and caravans are often split into two categories; entire vehicle theft when the vehicle itself is stolen in its entirety and secondly, the theft of possessions from the vehicle itself.

Generally speaking the former is carried out by professional thieves, whilst the latter tends to be more opportunistic. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered on both ranging from high tech to old school, but all designed to help you secure your motorhome no matter where it is.


It’s easy to forget, especially in these days of cutting edge technology, that many of the most effective ways to keep your motorhome secure is with a physical deterrent. They might seem like devices from a different era, but they are relatively cheap and work very well. They can come in the form of a steering wheel lock, wheel clamp, seat chain or pedal locks.

Any (or all) of these physical locks offer additional security to your motorhome. Whilst none of them will offer 100% total security, no system will offer that, they do all provide a visual deterrent to thieves.

To anyone looking to steal a vehicle, any physical lock means that the vehicle will take longer to steal. Added time means they’re more likely to be spotted (or caught) so use them regularly and advertise on the vehicle that they’re fitted. Any of those devices listed means any would-be thief might think twice before trying to make off with your vehicle. 


If you’re looking for something a little more high-tech, then a car tracker might be exactly what you need. We stock a fantastic range of trackers designed specifically for motorhomes, as well as some that work incredibly well, no matter what vehicle you have.

One of the most popular features with motorhome owners is the ‘lifetime subscription’ feature that comes with Phantom’s iTrack S5 and Ultimate models, the S5 Motorhome Defender, S5+ (with Immobilisation) and S7 ALS trackers from ScorpionTrack, aswell as the fantastic systems from SmarTrack including the Motorhome Protector and Trident.

All of these systems offer all the features you would expect, including access to  24/7 call centres, a dedicated smartphone app and a raft of alarms and notifications to keep you fully informed about the status of your vehicle.

In addition, some of these systems, like the S5+ with immobilisation and even the Meta Trak Deadlock have a very useful feature called ‘No Tag, No Start’. This basically means that if the small ADR tag that comes with these systems is not within range, the vehicle will not start. In addition, with those trackers, the 24/7 control centre can also immobilise the vehicle remotely should it need to giving you complete peace-of-mind.

The vast range of trackers offered at Infiniti Tracking allow you to:

 Easily transfer your tracker from one vehicle to another.

 Buy a lifetime subscription model that lasts for the life of the vehicle.

Protect your motorhome anywhere in the world and have it installed for you anywhere in the UK.

Whether you’re rocking a 20-year old caravan or a luxury motorhome with all the amenities of home, you’ll want to keep it secure. Infiniti have been working in this ever-changing, demanding industry for over 20 years so we can help you navigate the market to find you the very best tracker for your vehicle, your budget and your personal circumstances. Our friendly team are available to you for help, advice and sales from 9 am – 6 pm, Monday to Friday on 0330 043 3993 so just ask!

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