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When looking for a tracker for your car, motorbike, van or motorhome, it’s easy to get daunted by the sheer number of options available to you. Do you want an S5 or S7 tracker? Can it be transferred if I change vehicle? What alerts do you get? How do I track my vehicle if it gets stolen?

Like almost any product you can buy, when there is a range of them available, there will be features in one product that isn’t in another, whilst many others will be standard across the line. Car trackers are no different.

When choosing your device there will be features that might be particularly attractive to you, but there will also be some features you should look out for, some you just might not have considered and others you didn’t know were possible.

Here we wanted to take a look at the 5 key features we think you should be aware of when choosing your device. They might not all necessarily be vital for you and your circumstances, but are very useful to know about and, if relevant, have in the device you buy. Let’s start with…


Whilst it might seem an obvious feature, not every tracker on the marketing has real-time tracking. It may well be able to show you where your car was at a various points in time, but not all can track your vehicle in real time.

Real time tracking means the you can literally see your vehicle move along roads, turning corners and crossing bridges with a delay so small that’s it’s practically unnoticeable. This is a massive help when you need to recover your vehicle quickly as it will help lead the police directly to where you car is, even its still moving!


Most of us will share our car with other drivers in our family. Whether it’s your partner or your grown-up children, the car is often at the heart of the family’s independence. As such, having a tracker than can keep an eye on the vehicles movements can be a fantastic option.

With fuel costs so high, making sure your vehicle is being driven as you would expect, on a route that’s optimal and within parameters helps you know your vehicle is being looked after and that your drivers are doing so safely.

Journey history also works well if you’re monitoring company vehicles so you can see exactly where employees are taking them and how they got there!


Building on from the previous feature is the option many trackers have to not only monitor journeys to see WHERE the car is being driven, but to also look at HOW the car is being driven.

Many trackers now have the option to be able to monitor driver behaviour to keep a eye on things like speed, routes, braking and drive time, etc.

This can offer a fantastic insight into exactly how your car is being driven to minimise maintenance costs, even if you’re not the one behind the wheel.


This is another great feature that helps both the residential and commercial customer. Some trackers have a maintenance module built into them that keeps an electronic eye on the car in which it’s installed.

Whilst probably more suited to fleet vehicles, the device, once connected to the OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) port of the car can monitor aspects of the vehicle to help reduce preventative maintenance costs and prolong the life of the car, truck or van!


Not a feature as such, but definately something you should bear in mind when choosing a tracker.

Whilst the price you buy the tracker for is obviously one consideration, there are sometimes additional costs to be aware of.

Most trackers will also come with a subscription fee to pay, either annually, bi-annually or sometimes one payment to cover the lifetime of the device. The subscription covers the cost of the cellular signal the device needs to connect to satellites and its control centre. The costs and inclusions do vary, so make sure you know what you’re getting, and for how long, before you buy.

 Buy a tracker that’s right for YOU!

 Ensure you’re aware of all the costs before buying.

 Decide on what you need, not what manufacturers think you want.

We hope this has helped you and when you’re ready to buy, please take a look at our fantastic range and we’re confident you’ll find something that’s perfect for you. If you need any advice our team is available from 9 am – 6 pm, Monday to Friday on 0330 043 3993 to find the best tracker at the right price with installation available throughout the UK.

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner, or at least it is at the time of writing this!

The weather’s getting colder, the budgets, just like Santa’s trousers, are getting tighter and you’ve got the annual stress of trying to buy that special someone something they’ll actually like and use! What do you give to the man or woman who has everything?

We think we’ve found the answer, well 3 answers in fact!


Vehicle trackers, like dogs, are for life, not just for Christmas. Socks and chocolates are all well and good, but when you give a gift, you want the recipient to have value in it long after the tinsel has come down. That’s where vehicle trackers really come into their own.

No matter what vehicle they have, whether it’s a car, motorbike, motorhome or van, trackers can give them peace of mind that lasts a lot longer than even the most hard-wearing socks!

They all have the added bonus of keeping your vehicle safe and secure, so it’s a win-win! Another reason to spread more festive cheer!


With the economy dropping faster than needles on an unwatered Christmas tree, we’ve recognise that people are looking to make their money go even further this year.

We’ve checked the nice list and taken a look in our Infiniti sack to find three products that would make fantastic gifts to give loved ones this holiday season, and they’re all under £200! Starting with..

SmarTrack RECO S7

One of the latest products from the SmarTrack stable of trackers is their RECO S7 model. It’s a fantastic tracker for the money and is aimed squarely at the hot-hatch market, although it works just as well for anyone looking to protect their own sleigh. If you have a caravan, then it’s perfect for that too.

Giving this as a gift is fantastic as it comes with a one year monitoring subscription included, so your (or their) vehicle is fully protected the second our team installs it for you.

As you would expect, the RECO S7 comes with all the alerts and notifications you would expect, including battery disconnection and low battery warnings. It’s also fully transferable from one vehicle to another.

Tracker Monitor

Another brilliant tracker for under £200 is the Monitor from leading security firm Tracker. Thanks to its military-grade patented UHF (Ultra High Frequency) technology you get protection from signal jammers, a feature often only found on much more expensive models.

The technology within the Monitor also gives you peace of mind that your vehicle can be quickly recovered, even if it’s stored in shipping containers, underground car parks or lock-ups.

Tracker have been manufacturing car security systems for over 25 years, so you can be assured that any product they put their name to is going to be high quality at a relatively low cost.

Thinkware F70 Dashcam

Not a tracker but just as useful for the petrol head in your life, especially with the dangerous road conditions that winter can bring (and the idiots you get all year round).

This fantastic dashboard camera (or dash cam as they’re known) from Thinkware sits against your windscreen and can record the road ahead, whether that’s the traffic, pedestrians or other road users. It records in full HD at 1080p, even when you’re parking, and comes with CMOS image sensors that give you a constant video recording that looks great, even at night.

It also comes with a 140-degree viewing angle to minimise blind spots. You can easily watch any incidents by downloading them to your computer using the intuitive software through its viewing interface.


We don’t cover Lapland or the North Pole but if you’re in the UK you can get your device, regardless of how much you spend, installed at your home or work within days of purchase. 

 Give the gift of security this holiday season.

 Spread the cost of your device into 3 equal payments by using PayPal at checkout.

Christmas comes but once a year, but theft can happen anytime. Get your vehicle secured and make sure you have a happy, healthy and safe Yuletide. In the run up to Christmas, our team of helpful elves is available from 9 am – 6 pm, Monday to Friday on 0330 043 3993 to help you stay on the nice list.

With the cold weather looming, Christmas on its way (we know!) and the cost of heating going through the sunroof, it’s time to turn your attention to securing your vehicle over the winter.

With the new year approaching, the peak months for many car thefts, making sure your car, motorhome, motorbike or sleigh is secure is going to be vital in having a peaceful, stress-free festive period.

With that in mind, we thought it would be useful to give you some fantastic tips to help you secure your vehicle this winter.


One of the most common ways thieves can steal your car isn’t through a technically advanced technique involving gadgets or trickery, it’s by getting in and driving away with your own key!

Frost-jacking, as it’s known, occurs when you leave your car unattended to warm up.

As you try to get yourself and the family ready for school or work, many people will go out and start their car, then leave it alone.

They will allow it to idle, either to warm up the interior or defrost the windscreens after a snow shower or frosty morning (often both). This obviously involves leaving your key in the ignition and vehicle unattended, but that’s the problem.

Thieves, often opportunists, will walk around neighbourhoods looking for this exact pattern. When they see an unattended vehicle ticking over, they simply get in and drive away.

The easiest way to stop yourself becoming a victim to frost-jacking is obviously not to do it. Do not leave your car unattended with the engine running!

Most modern cars warm up very quickly and many come with heated windscreens, so there’s often no real need to anyway. If you can cover it overnight to protect it from snow and frost, then there will be even less reason to, and less opportunity for thieves to steal your vehicle.


Just a couple of years ago, 92% of the cars that were stolen from homes were done so without the use of a key. Whilst that figures sounds staggering, and it is, remember many modern cars don’t come with a traditional key anyway, but that hasn’t stopped thieves from exploiting the technology to their own gains.

To steal your keyless entry car, many car thieves use a technique called a Relay Attack.

This involves a team of thieves, one of which stands near your door (they’ll rely on the fact you’ll store your car keys near your front door) and by using a device to scan for the signal omitted by your key fob, transmit the signal to their accomplice who’s next to you car with a receiver.

Once the signal is received, your car will open and off they’ll drive. To combat this, there are trackers that can help.


The ScorpionTrack S5 VTS and its big brother the S5+ with immobilisation are both designed and manufactured to the Police’s preferred specification.

Not only that, they both will help protect your vehicle from Relay Attack in addition to key cloning and On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) hacking.

 Stay warm with a collection of incredible trackers to keep you moving this winter.

 Benefit from UK-wide installation from our team of accredited engineers.

 Don’t fall victim to winter car crime.

20 winters have come and gone since we started Infiniti Tracking. so we can be confident that you will get the best products at the best prices, with installation available throughout the UK. Don’t be left out in the cold, our team is available from 9 am – 6 pm, Monday to Friday on 0330 043 3993 to help you get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing your car is secured this winter, and for years to come.

In these difficult economic times, we’re all looking for ways to make our money stretch further. With rising costs for almost everything, making the most of what money you do have is vital.

When it comes to vehicle security, it would be easy to think it’s the perfect place to disregard to save money, but that would be a false economy.

Choosing not to buy a car tracker might solve a short-term issue, but will only cost you in the long run. If you’re looking for the cheapest car trackers without sacrificing security, then you’re in the right place.


Vehicle trackers, like anything in life, come in a range of prices to suit every budget, but it’s important to think about the costs of what it’s protecting.

If your vehicle is at the heart of your family, its value will be worth so much more than how much you paid for it.

You’ll use it to take the kids to school, commute to work, days out with the family and weekly shopping trips to name a few, so losing it to a car thief will be devastating.


Whether you’re looking for a tracker that’s top of the range that comes with all the bells and whistles you can imagine or, like many of us, you’re wanting one that doesn’t break the bank, choosing a cheaper option doesn’t have to mean compromising on features and options to keep your vehicle secure.

At Infiniti Tracking, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a range of products that suit everyone.

If you’re looking for a cheaper vehicle tracker, we believe we have 3 incredible products, all from leading manufacturers and all under £200 that are perfect for anyone looking to tighten their belt without risking their vehicle, starting with….

ScorpionTrack S7 ALS

An incredible tracker from ScorpionTrack that gives you many of the features you would expect even with the most expensive options, including journey history, geo-fence alerts and even driver behaviour analysis; perfect if you share the driving of your car with members of your family.

Like all of these on the list, you get a dedicated smartphone app to help you manage and control a range of notifications and alerts to keep your vehicle safe.

SmarTrack Protector Pro Global

The SmarTrack Protector Pro Global is both an insurance- and Thatcham-approved tracker from one of the leading manufacturers in the world.

The best-selling Protector Pro also gives you access to a 24/7 Control Centre to help you monitor and track your vehicle anywhere in the world, all from its dedicated smartphone app.

Like the previous system, you also have the option to transfer it to a different vehicle if, or when, you change your car.

Tracker Monitor

The Monitor from Tracker gives you a lot of security all for less than £200. Thanks to its patented VHF (Very High Frequency) technology, you can track your vehicle no matter where it’s hidden as it’s resilient to signal jammers that thieves often use.

We love it, we know you’ll love it and the ‘boys in blue’ love it too, as it’s supported by Police forces up and down the UK.


All our trackers can be installed within 3 days of purchase by our accredited engineers anywhere in the UK.

 Even the least expensive trackers have a suite of fantastic features you’ll love.

 Being cost-effective doesn’t mean compromising on quality.

No matter which product you’re looking at buying, our team is available from 9 am – 6 pm, Monday to Friday on 0330 043 3993 to help you decide on the best tracker for you. With over 20 years of experience in selling and installing trackers up and down the UK, you can be assured that Infiniti Tracking will always provide you with exemplary service and incredible products, regardless of the device you’re buying.

We hope that, once you’ve browsed our huge range of tracking and security devices in our store you’ve found the one for you, but that begs another question. With all the options available, what’s the best tracker for you???

It’s easy to fire up Google, or any other search engine, and type “what’s the best vehicle tracker?”. The algorithm will go away and find you hundreds, if not thousands, of results all promising to answer that question for you.

In reality, there’s no way for lines of computer code to know the best one for you specifically. Sure it can look for articles that promise the answer, but the question is much more nuanced than that.

Most people associate ‘the best’ with the tracker that has the most features, or is the most expensive product, but those are rarely the same thing. When it comes to finding the best tracker, you really need to ask what’s the best tracker FOR YOU and YOUR circumstances and you won’t get that from any search term.


What might be the best tracker for you, might not be the best tracker for me. Whilst they are incredible pieces of technology designed to keep your car, van, motorhome or motorbike safe and secure, to find the one that will offer you the most benefits, you need to be clear about what you want from it. Not least the vehicle you have and how much you have to spend.

Because of that, it’s vital you do your research and understand your budget. Car trackers, like anything you can buy, range in terms of pricing and features.

Trackers come in all shapes and sizes and range from very reasonable to very expensive, so it’s important you understand the costs associated with them and not just the initial price that comes with buying the product in the beginning.

Many come with monthly or yearly subscription fees to enhance your device which you need to be aware of and, as such, may affect your budget.


Not all trackers are created equally. Whilst many share similar features, there are often some key differences.

Whichever one you ultimately choose, it’s important you buy one that comes from a reputable manufacturer. As you would expect, all of the trackers we sell here at Infiniti come from some of the best manufacturers available.

When looking at the various options, take time to research the trackers you’re interested in. Does it include features that, whilst powerful or interesting, and might seem cool to have, do you actually really need them? Do they support how you use your vehicle or are you just paying for something you just don’t need?

It’s also useful to look into the manufacturer themselves. In many cases, they may produce systems that are or have been, specifically approved for use by various car manufacturers. Whilst not necessarily a reason to buy, knowing that a company that makes your car approves a particular device from a certain manufacturer might go some way to helping you choose.

In many cases, the price for the tracker is just the start. Vehicle trackers often come with monthly or yearly (or sometimes lifetime) subscriptions which means you’ll have to factor that into the cost.


Let’s not lose sight of the reason why you need a tracking device in the first place.

Should the worst case happen and your vehicle is stolen, will it be able to be tracked and recovered quickly and easily? When you really start to drill down into the features, think about the process to report it stolen.

Some trackers, for example, might need you to report it to the Police BEFORE it can be activated, whilst others can just be done from the app.

In addition, if your insurance policy requires a tracker to be fitted, does it need to be installed BEFORE the policy becomes valid? If you drive regularly into mainland Europe, or even further afield, are you covered geographically?

We don’t say any of these things to put you off, simply to arm you with all the facts and to be as transparent as possible when it comes to buying a tracker from us.

Our store stocks only the very best systems from leading manufacturers.

Get your device installed anywhere in the UK at a time and place to suit you.

Decades of experience in this fast-moving sector.

Our team is available from 9 am – 6 pm, Monday to Friday on 0330 043 3993 to answer any questions you might have. We will be more than happy to help you choose the right tracker for you. Don’t be swayed by fancy marketing or grandiose-sounding terminology, get the facts from the team with over 20 years of experience in selling and installing trackers up and down the UK.

For all of you who have been following our blogs for many years, you’ll already know that we offer installation across the UK. We have many happy and satisfied customers stretching the lengths and breadths of the UK. We’ve showcased our range of products to suit every type of vehicle, every make, model and manufacturer but one thing we rarely touch on is what happens once you buy from us.

For anyone new to us and our products, we thought it might be useful to help you understand what happens when it comes to installation and how your new vehicle tracker will be set up by our team. Let’s change that right now!


Once you’ve found the car tracking system that you want from our wide range, one that suits your vehicle, budget or feature-set, and made the purchase, the next step will be installation.

Our dedicated customer service team will be in touch with you soon after to arrange a suitable date and time.

Car trackers, unlike many other parts or accessories you can add to your vehicle, aren’t easily fitted by untrained personnel. There’s much more to them than changing the oil or replacing a windscreen wiper.


Trackers vary from those that are relatively simple to install to ones that are really quite complex. Depending on the features, they may need to be hard-wired to the engine and its electronic core. For the untrained, it would be easy to connect the wrong wire to the wrong terminal and it could create lasting damage or worse, invalidate your insurance should you need to make a claim.

As such, and to make sure your insurance remains valid, they have to be installed by our team of fully trained, Thatcham-approved and highly-qualified personnel, but that’s exactly where we come in!


The installation method our engineers use will vary depending on the tracker you’ve bought. Some are more geared towards the ‘plug-n-play’ variety, whilst others rely on battery power and some need to be hard-wired into the car’s electrical system.

Trackers also need to be secured to the vehicle in a variety of places. You can’t put the same tracker in the same place on the same make of vehicle as it would very quickly become common knowledge amongst thieves. Thankfully our engineers know the best places to secure the vehicles.

A device that’s easily installed will be easily found by thieves and removed twice as quickly!

It’s also important to install the device in a position where its signal won’t be blocked by other devices or parts of the vehicle. The signals utilised by trackers include GPS, VHF, GSM, GLONASS, MESH and more (or sometimes a combination of them) which operate on different frequencies.

Should the worst happen and your vehicle is stolen, it’s vital these signals are strong to help the Police track and recover the vehicle. Without expert knowledge, it could be installed in a place that blocks or impedes these signals rendering it useless.


We hope that, whichever tracker you’ve bought from us, you’re going to be happy with it and it keeps your vehicle safe and secure for years to come, but that’s only the start of our relationship.

As we mentioned, once purchased, our team will be in touch to find the most convenient date and time to come out to you and install the device on your vehicle, whether that’s a car, motorhome, motorbike or truck.

We’re happy to come to your home, your office, your caravan site or anywhere you are to ensure you get the device installed to our exacting standards.

If you’re still unsure, please take a look at our TrustPilot profile to see our 249 reviews (at the time of writing)…. 248 of them are rated as ‘Excellent’ (the other 1 is rated ‘Great’). We are so proud to have such an incredibly high rating from our customers.

Whether you have a Fiat or a Ferrari, Mini or Maserati, we will have a tracker to suit you and your needs:

 Buy with confidence from a company with over 20 years of experience at the top of this ever-changing industry.

 Transfer your tracker from one vehicle to the next easily.

Installation is available anywhere in the UK.

When you’re ready to take vehicle security seriously, call our team who are available from 9 am – 6 pm, Monday to Friday on 0330 043 3993 and we will be more than happy to answer any queries you might have. We’ll also help you navigate the range of options available and provide you with top-class service from beginning to end!

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