The 10 Most Stolen Cars in Britain!


Think your car has good security or it isn’t worth knicking? Data revealed by the DVLA in a FOI request reveals some surprising statistics about the number of vehicle thefts in the UK.

In 2019, over 50,000 cars were stolen. The vast majority of those were in three main regions: Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, and West Midlands accounted for over 40%. Across Britain, the total number of car thefts equated to an average of 154 thefts daily. The majority were pinched on weeknights between midnight and 6am, having been swiped from dimly lit areas such as cars parked on the street, or in poorly lit car parks.

10 Most Knicked Cars in Britain

1. Ford Fiesta
2. Land Rover Range Rover
3. Volkswagon Golf
4. Ford Focus
5. BMW 3 Series
6. Vauxhall Astras
7. Land Rover Discovery
8. Mercedes Benz E Class
9. BMW 5 Series
10. Audi A3

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Only two in five of the cars stolen were returned to their owners, and in the majority of cases, there was damage, and more often than not, the damage was so significant it resulted in the car being written off. The data also revealed that 94% of the vehicles targeted by thieves had no vehicle trackers installed, and out of the thousands of vehicles stolen across the country, only 11% were newer models, but keyless entry cars were still being targeted.

Still Think Your Vehicle isn’t at Risk?

It’s not just the cars that thieves are after. It’s the parts, the electronics, the valuables that owners leave in their cars. Thieves aren’t your average teenager knicking a car to take for a joyride. They’re organised, sophisticated criminal gangs stealing cars to order.

As one cop explained to Auto Express, car theft is low on the priority of an understaffed police force. Pinning down the bosses of crime gangs is difficult. Just this year, one joint police force operation found 90 stolen vehicles and parts, £180,000 in cash and a cannabis farm. That was only one operation that resulted in just 17 arrests, and a total value of the vehicles recovered adding up to a staggering £1.1 million.


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