Van Trackers

Cars and vans are a crucial part of almost every business. Whether you use it as a mobile store room for your equipment, transport for your staff or simply need it day-in, day-out to get you where you need to go so you can do what you need to do, these motorised work-horses play an integral role in day-to-day life. As such, being without it can cause any number of problems, not least the inability to actually do your job. The true value of these vehicles far exceeds the price you paid for them.

Whilst high-end, modern day cars often come with the highest levels of vehicle security built in to them, van’s don’t always enjoy the same privileges, especially when it comes to van trackers or Global Positioning System (GPS) Trackers.

You might think that vehicle theft is a thing of the past or that these built-in systems have made it impossible to steal a vehicle. That’s not the case at all. Whilst it’s true the systems have become more sophisticated as technology develops, the danger is still very real.

According to the RAC, around 30 vans are stolen every day, costing businesses almost £62 million in just the last 4 years alone. Van theft is increasing year on year and we don’t want you to be the next victim, so what can you do to stay safe?

Vehicle trackers including van trackers, and any GPS tracking system for that matter, does more than just help you find the vehicle should the worst happen. Since the 1970s, when the modern day GPS first found its way into our consciousness, the network of global positioning system satellites have become more advanced and we’ve benefitted from that.

Not only do they allow you to find a stolen vehicle, but some, like our ScorpionTrack S5 and Meta Trak S5 Deadlock can even allow you to immobilise it remotely and get driver behaviour analysis to see how those who are driving your van, including staff, are performing on the roads. These incredible features all help you not only keep your van on the road, but make sure whoever is driving it is doing so with your consent and if not, stop them in their tracks.

It’s not just the humble van that is reaping the benefits from the advance in tracking technology. Similar equipment that keeps your van safe works equally well on your car; whether that’s your own personal vehicle or the fleet of cars you manage.

Car security is vital, especially when you think that 1 car is stolen every 9 minutes in the UK and 1 luxury vehicle disappears every 38 minutes, you begin to see the scale of the problem. It’s worth pointing out that only 40% of those stolen are returned to their owners, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Thanks to the latest in GPS advances, there are now a huge range of vehicle tracking options for your car.

From the fully-featured systems like the SmarTrack S5 D-iD to the more self-managing, self-tracking systems like the Meta Trak Shield, you can keep your automotive valuables where they belong, on the road and working for you and not doing the dirty work of the thieves and criminals out there.

The good news is that almost all of our tracking systems are Thatcham approved and can be installed wherever you are. Not only will they help keep your vehicles safe, they can help to reduce your insurance premium costs down, your fleet up and running and help you to keep your business moving in the right direction for many years to come.

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