It’s easy to think that when you’re looking at car trackers, that the only weapon in the car security arsenal is the ability to track a stolen vehicle to wherever the thieves have stored it, but there’s more you can do.

One powerful feature that many S5+ trackers in particular have is vehicle immobilisation. Let’s take a look at what it is, what it does, and which are the best trackers to make use of this often-overlooked feature.

What is Immobilisation?

Immobilisation works by effectively disabling two of the three main components required to start a car. Within the car is something called the Electronic Code Unit, or ECU, which gives the engine the go-ahead to start when it receives a digital signal from your keys or keyless entry fob.

The components in question, namely the ignition system, starter motor and fuel system, all need a code from your ECU to start. Immobilisation works by preventing that code reaching the ECU. Some modern immobilisers can be operated through a smartphone app or via Bluetooth.

Vehicle immobilisation was first used as far back as 1992, but became compulsory on all new vehicles in England and Wales since October 1998. Whilst factory-fitted immobilisation is commonplace, they are far from the most sophisticated or technologically advanced systems available. They won’t generally include remote immobilisation.

Thatcham Research, the highest benchmark when it comes to vehicle security, put systems with immobilisers through rigorous testing to ensure they meet expectations in terms of performance, design and functionality.

There are a number of different categories products are tested against. We’re interested in systems that meet their S5+ category for post-theft and recovery systems. S5 is already the highest category, but the ‘+’ signifies that not only can the vehicle be tracked, but it can be remotely immobilised.

Meta BLE42 Bluetooth Immobiliser

If immobilisation is new to you or you have a classic vehicle, the Meta BLE42 is a fantastic entry point for those looking for a powerful, yet cost-effective device.

The device will arm every time the ignition is switched off. You can disarm it with the included bluetooth tag or its own smartphone app. It helps you guard against relay theft (a growing problem with any car), key cloning and On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) hacking. If all else fails, it comes with a simple 3-digit override PIN should you lose the tag or the battery runs out of juice.

ScorpionTrack S5+ (with Immobilisation)

This device from ScorpionTrack offers unparalleled levels of security for any car owner looking to take the protection of their car to the next level. The ScorpionTrack S5 is already an incredible piece of kit, thanks to its Driver ID tags, tow away and tamper alerts and a dedicated smartphone app. Throw in vehicle immobilisation as standard on this particular model, and they just made the best even better.

SmarTrack S5+ IMOB

If you’re looking for the creme-de-la-creme of vehicle immobilisation systems, then look no further than this. The SmarTrack S5 is already an incredible piece of kit, so when you add in the immobilisation element, you know you’re onto a winner.

Smartrack S5+ IMOB device is also leading the way when it comes to security for electric and hybrid vehicles. Its credentials don’t just look forward to the future of the industry, but backwards too by working equally well in classic cars. You get all the latest vehicle protections with the added peace of mind that comes as standard with a system from SmarTrack.

Any one of these amazing systems will stop you, as well as your car, dead in its tracks.