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As the technology in cars improves, thieves have to adapt to be able to combat those advances. The more sophisticated the trackers and other car security devices get, the more devious those looking to steal your car need to become.

For every new feature a car tracker includes, there will be a team of nefarious types looking to exploit it. The thing is, not all the techniques thieves use are particularly hi-tech. Some of them are downright lo-fi, but just as devious.

At Infiniti Tracking, we wanted to give you all a heads-up into some of the ways thieves try and steal your car. Some are specific to particular models, but in many cases can be used on a range of vehicles.

These may not always make the news or find their way into the latest trackers, but in the spirit of fore-warned is fore-armed, here are just three to be on the lookout for.


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Whilst this technique is being used on Range Rovers, the principle is similar enough to work on almost all cars.

With all the electronic gadgetry that goes into modern-day cars, this hack circumvents most of it.

Most of the wiring that helps power a car is often hidden away in cable trunking or behind metal panels, but that’s not always the case.

Thieves have found that, by cutting a small square hole into the plastic boot lid on Range Rovers, they can access the car’s wiring that way.

Once they have access, they can effectively hack into the Range Rover’s computer system via the now-exposed wiring. We’ve certainly seen this happen a lot on the Rover, but there’s no reason why it can’t happen on other vehicles.

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As we touched upon, this technique (or ones similar to it) isn’t necessarily exclusive to Range Rovers. If you have a Lexus, then you also need to keep your eyes peeled.

Thieves have learned that they can pull off a similar trick on a Lexus. Instead of the plastic boot lid, thieves looking to steal your Lexus can do so by accessing the wiring from behind the bumper.

Again, they can cut a small hole in the car’s bumper to gain access to the wiring harness that passes behind it. Once they can see the wires, they can hack into the car’s onboard system and they’re in.


Not all of the nefarious ways thieves use to try and steal your car need them to have a degree in electronics or even brute force, some are very basic indeed, including this one.

This one is particularly vile as it takes place when you’re in attendance and often happens in public. That said, it’s something we can all be vigilant about.

Simply put, thieves will scout car parks (usually underground or out of the way) and once they’ve found the car they want, they’ll put an empty plastic drink bottle between the tyre and the wheel arch on the passenger side of the car.

Once it’s secured, they’ll wait until you return to the car, but remain close by. Once you set off, you’ll hear the noise as the bottle bursts, cracks and pops as the car moves. You will hear this and naturally stop the car and get out to investigate. As it’s on the opposite side of the car to you, you’ll have to exit the vehicle to see it.

Thieves are banking on the fact that you’ll get out without turning off the car and without taking the key with you. Once you’re out of the car, they’ll quickly step out of their hiding place, rush you, get in the car and drive off leaving you stranded.

The battle between car security and car thieves is one as old as time, but it’s one we can win. Whilst these methods might be pretty sneaky and downright cruel at times, having your car fitted with a tracking device can be the difference between recovering your car quickly and easily and never seeing it again.

We have a huge range of devices that can make your car, safer, more secure and more recoverable than ever before. We’d love to show how.

Don’t become a victim of car crime when you can secure your vehicle with a tracker from Infiniti.

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If you need any help, give our team a call and we can talk you through the process and get it installed wherever you are.

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For those of you interested in those annual lists of which cars are the most popular to be stolen (and recovered), you probably won’t be surprised to see the Range Rover Sport remains top of the list in 2023.

The Range Rover actually takes up the first 3 spots in the list with the Sport, Autobiography and Vogue models respectively (their Evoque model also came in at #9), but that’s not what made this year so interesting.

The list for 2023 was unusual because it was the first time that a Hybrid vehicle made the list. The Lexus RX450h was a new entry at No. 6. Not only is it the first time an electric vehicle was included, but it was also the first time any Lexus made the list at all.


Whilst it might feel like Lexus has been around forever, this Toyoto-owned Japanese luxury brand only arrived in 1989, reaching the UK a year later.

Since then however, it has become a staple on our roads and has become the go-to vehicle for those looking for a luxury car with a world-class build quality and that all-important sense of style.

Its appearance on the list seems to imply that the desirability of the Lexus brand has reached an all-time high (at least with car thieves), so if you’re looking to secure your Lexus and keep it out of the hands of these scumbags, then we’ve got you covered.

With Lexus having approved Tracker systems as their de rigour security partner, we wanted to look at the best Tracker-built systems to help you keep your Lexus safe. So, let’s start with..


Lexus probably chose Tracker because it has an amazing track record when it comes to vehicle security and their Monitor system is no exception.

It features patented VHF technology which means that should your Lexus (or any vehicle for that matter) be stolen, it can be quickly and easily recovered, even if it’s in an underground car park or metal shipping container.

This feature also means that it’s resilient to other methods thieves use like signal jammers, making it one of the most comprehensive systems around.

It does of course come with all the alerts and notifications you would expect, thanks to its dedicated smartphone app which is all backed by a 24/7 control centre should you need it.


Like our previous offering, the Locate is another fantastic tracker for your Lexus. It too comes with VHF technology, but this one also combines that with GPS and GSM frequencies that can alert you when any attempt to jam the signal is detected.

Not only that but it is also connected to police forces across the UK. Should your vehicle be stolen, forces up and down the country will be alerted of the location of the car.

The VHF signal makes locating it not only quick but incredibly accurate, so there’s no escape for the thieves.

The Locate also utilises Tracker’s ‘Touch’ smartphone app to put the power of this amazing system right into the palm of your hand.

Keep your Lexus off next year’s list by buying one of these amazing trackers.

You don’t need to drive a Lexus to benefit from these systems.

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Whether you own a Lexus or not, we have some amazing devices. Once you’ve chosen the best device for you, call our team who are available for you from 9 am – 6 pm, Monday to Friday, on 0330 043 3993 and we can arrange installation no matter where in the UK you are.

At the end of 2020, there were over 400,000 Range Rovers registered and on the roads in the UK. As a car, it’s one that has only gained in stature in recent years. and become quite the status symbol.

Rather than the ‘box on wheels’ image it once had in the 1970s, this luxury SUV has gradually transformed itself and become an icon of our roads the world over.

Because it’s so highly sought after, car thieves want it as much as the rest of us, and that’s not a good combination. If you’re driving one of these incredible vehicles and want to know how to protect it from theft, then you’re in the right place.


The best ways to securing your Range Rover will vary depending on which model you have and on the age of your vehicle.

The later Range Rover models, like the Evoque and Sport, are much more technologically advanced in terms of their security systems compared to many of the older models, but that’s not to say older models aren’t attractive to thieves.

In fact, the older Defender model is often high on a thieves wish list as it’s relatively easy to steal due to it’s age and specification.

It might sound obvious, but many of the most successful ways to secure your Range Rover, regardless of the model, is to observe some basic security fundamentals.

When leaving your vehicle, make sure it’s locked at all times (even when you’re driving it). Thanks to features like keyless entry and remote locking, many people still often forget to lock their car when leaving it alone.

Often key fobs need to be directed at the car to lock it and many people don’t do that. When leaving your vehicle unattended, always physically double check that it’s locked and secure.

If you’re leaving it alone for any period of time, always try to park in a well-lit space, populated areas and, ideally, one protected by security cameras. Thieves love dark corners and out-of-the-way car parks, so don’t give them any more opportunities to steal your car.


Of course it should come as no surprise to you that one of the best defences against Range Rover theft is with a vehicle tracker. If you’re looking for one that is approved by Range Rover themselves, then the Teletrac Trackstar S5 is one to take notice of.

This incredible S5 tracker is insurance-approved and comes with Thatcham’s highest rating so you know it’s going to deliver on every feature you want.

As well as the standard alerts and notifications you’d expect like battery disconnect, motion and low battery, thanks to its dedicated smartphone app, 24/7 Control Centre and Driver ID tags, this tracker gives you the protection few other trackers can match.

The Driver ID tags themselves are an amazing piece of kit. These small technological marvels only allow the car to be started and driven away when they are in close proximity to the car. In other words, when you’re close by.

At the time of writing, we’re also running a FREE subscription offer on this particular tracker when you purchase either a 1 or 3 year subscription, so get in touch to take advantage of this great deal.


For all the built-in and additional technology keeping your Range Rover secure, thieves are also using cutting-edge technology of their own, but that may not mean what you think it does.

Increasingly, thieves are learning that if they cut a square hole in the plastic boot lid of a standard Range Rover, then they can access the wiring and hack into the onboard computer.

All the more reason to make sure you are fully protected with a tracker that will add another level of security to these fantastic cars and help you keep it just where YOU want it.

 If you need any advice on the best trackers to secure your Range Rover, get in touch with us. We have loads of options to choose from.

 Whilst some of the best deterents to help secure your vehicle are easy to use and cheap to obtain, they can only do so much.

Whether you drive a Range Rover or not, don’t become another victim of car crime. We can help.

You don’t need to drive a Range Rover to be serious about car security. Speak to our team, who are available from 9 am – 6 pm, Monday to Friday, on 0330 043 3993 and we can advise you on the best tracker for you and your car, bike, motorhome or van.

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