The days of car thieves smashing your window, putting a screwdriver through your ignition barrel or destroying your steering column in order to hot-wire your car to steal it are, thankfully, almost over these days.

We appreciate that might sound like good news; that these primitive brute force attacks that cars of the past had to endure are less common nowadays, but sadly they have been replaced by more technologically advanced, but equally insidious, techniques.

For all the advances car safety has seen in the last 2 or 3 decades, that can also be its downfall, especially when it comes to the security of your car. One of the ways that car thieves are increasingly targeting your car is through the OBD, or On-Board Diagnostic port.


The OBD port has been a part of modern cars since the mid-1990s.

Over time, cars have become increasingly more sophisticated and added a multitude of driver-friendly features, many of which are driven by technology hidden deep in the body of the car.

As space is at a premium, many of the inner workings of the car have been hidden away behind immovable panels or housed in incredibly small spaces.

This has made it more difficult for mechanics (or anyone) to check for the more obvious problems on a car when faults do arise.

The OBD port gives mechanics and technicians the ability to connect their computers or dedicated diagnostic equipment directly to the car. This, in turn, gives them access to the status of many of the car’s electronic functions through diagnostic tools that may otherwise remain a mystery.

Settings such as the traction control, air-bags, engine status, error codes (which are often meaningless to drivers as they are), emissions and even real-time data like RPM, airflow and coolant temperatures are all easily accessed through the OBD port, but this doorway into your car’s safety and security operations opens both ways.


As this technology has become more widespread, thieves have also been quick to jump on the bandwagon, which causes problems for the rest of us.

Devices that can be used to overwrite or overrule some of your car’s proprietary Electronic Control Unit (ECU) settings are now available to anyone with bad intentions, which makes your car vulnerable to OBD hacking.

These devices come with their own OBD port and the illicit software that they can use to bypass your car’s security codes and built-in software.

When thieves use this method, as high-tech as it might seem, cars can be stolen in as little as 45 seconds! How do you protect yourself from it? We’re glad you asked!


If you’re looking for a tracker that comes with the ability to protect against OBD hacking, then we have a number of them in our store that would be perfect for you.

The SmarTrack S5+ iMob, the ScorpionTrack S5 Plus and the MetaTrak S5 Deadlock Pro all come with the ability to protect you from OBD hacking.

They work because they include an electronic version of the OBD port. When you turn the engine off, the immobiliser within the system engages and locks the port off.

This means that the physical OBD port can no longer communicate with the engine’s ECU, it’s virtual brain. Any thief connecting to the port will find they won’t be able to reprogram a key or even clone one, rendering it useless while the car is protected.

The lock is only removed by disarming the system, or through either a code or authorisation card that only the driver will have. Only then will the OBD port be opened and normal operations can continue.

Whilst we all value the role technology has played in creating cars we all want to drive, that pleasure can also be a pain for those with bad intentions, so be careful.

Browse our full range of vehicle tracking systems so you’re not the next victim of car crime.

 Whether you’re choosing one of the trackers mentioned here or any of those we have in stock, you’re going to be getting an amazing system.

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It’s hard to believe, given the sheer diversity of vehicles on our roads, that the Fiat 500 has become such an iconic part of our automotive lives. From its humble beginnings when first launched in 1957, the Fiat 500, or Cinquecento as our Italian friends call it, has risen from a small city car to a quintessential symbol of modern living.

Since its incredible modern relaunch in 2007, this fantastic small city car has become the epitome of motorised Italian styling.

While the base model has been hugely successful since the beginning, serious petrolheads didn’t really take notice of the Fiat 500 until Abarth got their hands on it.

Abarth is now a subsidiary of Fiat Motors, but one that focuses on taking relatively basic cars and enhancing them through extra performance, luxury and, of course, speed. The name is also well suited as Abarth is an Italian word meaning grit, strength and power. With that in mind, it’s also no surprise that the Abarth badge is symbolised by a scorpion!

Abarth has been working their automotive magic on the Fiat 500 since the 1960s, but it’s the modern version, first launched at the Geneva Motor Show in 2008, that attracted so much initial attention and continued to do so, not least from car thieves.

If you have a Fiat 500 Abarth and are looking at ways to keep it safe and secure, Infiniti Tracking has got you covered!


In recent years there has been a huge rise in the theft of Fiat Abarth models, so much so that the West Midlands police even issued a specific notice about it to the public.

One of the main problems is that the Abarth appeals to a wide range of thieves. Their status as a ‘hot hatch’ and ‘pocket rocket’ attracts the more opportunistic joy-riders who are just looking for a ‘quick fix’ of creating chaos, tearing around the streets before abandoning it.

The flip side of that is that their size and cult status also means that professional thieves target them to sell and export them internationally, especially to places in Africa and Asia where the demand is even higher. Its compact size and design mean that it can be easily masked and reintegrated without attracting too much attention.

In addition, because of the market the car attracts it’s relatively easy to steal, especially if there aren’t any additional security features fitted. Many don’t even have a factory-fitted alarm as standard.

Even if the car is stolen to be moved on, it can make thieves a lot of money selling it in pieces as many of the parts are untraceable. So what CAN you do to protect it?


There are a couple of car trackers that are perfect for the Fiat 500 Abarth (and many other cars for that matter).

One of the main ways Abarths are stolen, other than a brute force attack, is through their OBD, or On-Board Diagnostic port.

This is something that’s found on almost all modern cars and is designed to allow mechanics or technicians to connect the car to a computer or dedicated hardware to help them understand where any problems with the car might be.

Thieves can utilise this technology to connect and effectively reprogramme their own transponder key to give themselves a new spare key to your car. This will then allow them to simply unlock your car in exactly the same way you do and drive away and you’ll be none the wiser.

To counterattack this, trackers like the S5 Deadlock from Meta Trak offer incredible OBD protection as part of their feature set to give you a defence against this nefarious technique.


Because of the increased threat that your precious Fiat Abarth will be stolen and exported to foreign shores, you’ll need a tracker that can help you find the vehicle, even if it is being stored underground or held in a shipping container. Not all trackers are capable of that, so it’s important that you find one that has those qualities.

If this is something that interests you, you’ll need a tracker that operates on VHF (Very High Frequencies). Whilst most trackers are content with utilising a limited array like GSM, GPS and other more common tracking frequencies to pinpoint their location, those that harness the power of VHF, like the Locate, Monitor and the aforementioned S5 Plus, incidentally all from Tracker, offer a way to track and recover your vehicle, even if it’s being stored in most hidden of places.

VHF also means that those systems are much more resistant to signal jammers that many of the most hardened car thieves use. The smarter they get, the more protection you’ll need, but that’s exactly where we come in.

No matter if you’re a passionate Fiat 500 Abarth aficionado or just looking to secure any other vehicle from the prying hands of thieves, we have a system to suit you that’s perfetto!

 Our team are ready to ‘Fiat’ your tracker at a time and place that’s convenient to you, anywhere in the UK mainland.

 We can help you find a tracker that suits you and your circumstances, from the top-of-the-range S5 to the most budget-friendly S7 systems.

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When you’ve worked hard, saved up and bought your dream car, whether it’s your first banger or a high-end, top of the range luxury vehicle, keeping it secure is always going to be top of your list.

If looking to buy a car tracker, like almost everything else in life, the range of what’s available start at the most simple systems going up to those that come with cutting edge features. You get what you pay for with most things in life and car trackers are no different.

We understand, especially in the current economic climate, that there’s not always enough money to go around. That said, if you’re making the most of home-made or cheap alternatives to securing your car, like trying to use an Apple AirTag as a tracker (seriously, don’t do that!), there are some real benefits and real reasons why you would invest in a high quality or premium car tracker. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1.Protect Your Investment

Of course a higher-end car tracker is always going to be more expensive than their cheaper alternatives, but it should be.

If you’ve got a top of the range car, motorbike, motorhome or even truck to protect, you want to be sure that it’s as secure as possible to protect not only your investment in the vehicle itself, but the tracker that safeguards it.

It’s always going to be worth spending a little more in a system that’s worthy of protecting what’s important in your life.

2. Extend The Lifetime of Your Vehicle

You might not think a premium car tracker can help increase the lifespan of your car, but they really can. Whilst the focus is often placed upon the security and recovery of your vehicle, trackers can also help you monitor how your vehicle is being driven on a day-to-day basis, whether that’s you or someone you allow.

Thanks to the tracking of journey history which includes speeds, direction and location, you can see how the car is being driven, and even scored accordingly, to make sure it’s being used responsibly and any maintenance is kept to a minimum.

3. Enhanced Functionality

When looking at trackers and their differentiators, it’s easy to get blinded by similar sounding jargon and seemingly interchangeable features, but high-end trackers really do offer you enhanced functionality not found in less expensive models.

Features like remote immobilisation, blocking alerts and Driver ID tags are only found in the more premium devices. This is also true of the satellite networks available to more accurately pinpoint your location. You will only find connection to MESH and VHF (Very High Frequency) on higher quality systems.

When it comes to premium trackers, the level of security you can achieve and the level of protection the vehicle receives is far higher than the base models, but that’s not to say cheaper systems aren’t worth owning. They absolutely are, but as we said earlier, you get what you pay for.

Everything from remote immobilisation to exclusive tracking abilities only accessible by law enforcement. When you drive something that’s unattainable by most people, some of those are going to want to take it from you and that’s when you need the extra level of security.

Protect yourself with the best trackers money can buy by speaking to a member of our team and we can help point you in the direction, with a level of customer service that everyone can afford.

When you finally take ownership of your dream vehicle, it’s such a great feeling. Finally getting behind the wheel of the car, bike or even motorhome that you’ve wanted for years never gets old…… until it does. 

Sooner or later, you’re not going to look at your current love quite as adoringly as you used to. All those miles you’ve been over together start to feel somewhat pedestrian. Your eye starts to look at what else is on the market. Your begin to feel your head and heart being pulled in another direction. What can you do about it? Don’t worry, it happens to us all.

Securing Against Car Theft:

Having a car tracker fitted to your car, whether it’s your dream machine or not, securing it against car theft is always going to be something you need to consider.

We know there’s a multitude of options out there on the market, we sell many of the very best ones available after all, but behind all the flashy sales speak and marketing gloss the manufacturers put behind their products, there one key aspect often gets overlooked by consumers. How to transfer it from one vehicle to another. Is it even possible and if so, how is it done?

If you need to transfer your existing car tracking onto another vehicle, then that’s definitely something you need to consider when buying a tracker and it definitely should be a feature of the one you opt for.

Transferring a system from one vehicle to another isn’t just a sound security decision, it also makes sense financially. You won’t have to spend more money on a brand new system and any existing subscription can be easily transferred over.

One word of warning though, you may not be able to transfer your subscription in every case. It will really depend on the terms and conditions the manufacturer adds to the agreement you initially signed, so check the small print before deciding. 

Thatcham-Accredited Transfer:

You will also obviously need the system to be physically transferred from one vehicle to another. This will need to be done, in almost all cases, by a Thatcham-accredited and approved Engineer. If you need a price for this, please give us a call and we’ll get you the very best price possible. Our team travel across the UK installing systems for our customers, so no matter where you are, we can help.

If instead you want to sell your car with your tracker installed and don’t want to transfer it, then there’s a couple of things to consider. If there’s still time to run on your subscription plan and the new owner doesn’t want to take it over, there may be a cancellation fee to pay. This will depend on how long there’s left on the contract. The new owner can then take on a new subscription with their new details.

Should you be the new owner of a car with a tracker fitted, then you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the device, its location on the vehicle, and all the relevant details on the subscription. Be sure to ask the previous owner for this information prior to hanging over the money! You don’t want to be driving a car that’s capable of being tracked by people other than you or one where you’re unaware of it.

Whatever circumstances you find yourself in, our team are always on hand to help. Whether you’re looking for your first car tracker, transferring one, or inheriting it, we can give you the best advice to keep you moving, and secured when you’re not.

The internet has given us many wondrous, and not so wondrous things since it burst into our lives. It’s impacted our society and culture in ways few of us ever thought possible just a few short decades ago. It’s become so ubiquitous that we barely even think about it, unless it goes down and we can’t access our Facebook or Twitter feed for 5 minutes, then it feels like the world is going to end!

Seriously though, car trackers couldn’t exist without many of the same technologies that we use every day, especially on our smartphones, but how does the internet impact car trackers and do car trackers even work without the internet? Let’s take a look.

It’s true to say that car trackers need a data connection to work effectively, but that data doesn’t need to come via the internet. In fact, car trackers don’t need the internet to work at all, at least in terms of what we think of when we hear the term ‘internet’. 

At its core, for all the bells and whistles that come with what we think of as the ‘internet’, it’s all basically just a stream of data. It’s that same data that powers car trackers, but that data doesn’t come from an internet, or even Wi-Fi connection. It comes via the same networks your mobile phone, sat nav and many other devices use to find their place in the world, GPS. 

GPS System:

GPS, or the Global Positioning System, utilises a network of satellites orbiting way above the Earth to pinpoint a receiver’s location. By connecting to a number of available satellites and calculating how long the signal takes to travel back and forth, the device on the ground, whether it’s in your phone or car, is able to understand where on the planet it is.

That said, many trackers don’t just rely on one network. A number of the trackers in our store are able to enhance and, in turn, more accurately locate their position by utilising additional technologies. 

These include GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), GLONASS (a Russian alternative to GPS), Galileo (an EU navigation satellite system), LBS (Location-Based Services) and even VHF (Very High Frequency), but none of which need an internet connection to work.

It’s also worth pointing out that, because trackers use, at the very least, a GPS signal, they will work even when you don’t have a cellular, or mobile phone, signal around you.

Internet & Car Trackers:

Whilst an internet connection isn’t necessary to make a car tracker work, it’s not completely disconnected from playing a part in how you use it. Almost all the systems we sell, come with a dedicated smartphone app to help you keep track of things like journey history, and the alerts you will receive in relation to situations that occur on or around your vehicle. 

Everything from low battery, tow-away, tamper and geo-fencing will all come to you through the app on your iOS or Android phone. The app will work whilst you’re out and about, but works just as well when you’re at home connected to your own Wi-Fi network. You’re never going to be out of touch for everything you need to know.

We hope this has helped answer some of your questions about car trackers, but if not, you can always get in touch with our amazing team here at Infiniti and ask them. We’re always on-hand to help you pick the right car tracker for you and your own personal circumstances. Get in touch and let’s get you connected today.

Yes. Yes they do. Thanks for reading.

Seriously though, it’s a great question. The use of apps, and smartphones in general, have become ubiquitous in the last decade or so. Where would we be without the wealth of apps that we have come to rely on, connect to, play and engage with. There’s probably few industries in the world that hasn’t been impacted by these technological advances.  Car trackers are no different.

With a multitude of car tracker apps now on the market, almost all of them, will come with their own dedicated smartphone app. This can genuinely put the power of the tracker quite literally in the palm of your hand.

Depending on the system you buy, whilst it will share many of the same features and functionality, each one will be proprietary to its manufacturer. Let’s take a look at a couple of the most popular  ones.

Tracker Touch App:

If you buy a Tracker device, like the Monitor, Locate or the S5 Plus, then you’ll get access to their Tracker Touch app, available on iOS and Android devices. This app really does allow you to stay in control and gives you 24 / 7 access to the location of the device, and therefore your vehicle!

You can, for example, set up a geo-fence, up-to 200 metres, around your vehicle which acts like a virtual barrier. If they vehicle leaves that area, then alarms will be triggered. It even helps for those times when you forget where you’ve parked (hey, we’ve all been there)!

If you find yourself in an area that’s unfamiliar to you and want to check the vehicle crime rate around you, you can do that too, all from the app.

Should the worst thing happen and your vehicle is stolen, you have opportunity to start the recovery process immediately with a single click. It even comes with a feature that allows youth report if you’ve been in a traffic accident. Tracker’s own Accident Management Team are on-hand to help you and guide you through the next steps to get you safe and moving again.

Global Telemetrics App:

If you’re tracking system comes from SmarTrack, like the Protector Pro Global, S5 D-iD, RECO S7 or Trident models, then you’ll get access to their Global Telemetrics app. This free app is also available on iOS and Android devices. If you’re wondering about the name, Global Telemetrics are their parent company.

This fantastic software acts like your personal navigation app, right there in your pocket. You can find the location of the vehicle the tracker is installed on, so you can see where your car is at all times. You get live positioning, or the last known location of your car. If you’re a fleet manager, you’ll see all the vehicles you are responsible for. This can be viewed on either a normal, satellite or hybrid map to give you complete understand of their whereabouts.

Not only do you get the vehicle’s location, you can also monitor its speed, ignition status and even the battery voltage. The calendar function is incredibly handy and allows you to see journey history for the vehicle (or vehicles). This shows the routes taken, the speed and distance and locations visited on a day-by-day basis, helping you to manage your drivers from your phone!

Notifications come through on the app and give you powerful insight into geofence alerts, battery warnings including disconnect and low battery), unauthorised movement alerts and many more. If you opt for the S5 D-iD model, you also get optional remote immobilisation, all with a click of a button.

Tracking apps really do open up the world of vehicle security and can be taken everywhere you go. If you’re interested in being part of the technological revolution and taking your vehicle security up a notch, get in touch and we can help find you the best product for you.

When you’ve worked so hard to buy your dream car, bike, motorhome or even truck (who are we to judge!), as much as you want to enjoy driving it, you also need to secure it beyond it’s factory settings, and that’s where car trackers come in.

Once installed with all the incredible features and functionality that come with a car tracker, you might assume that it’s impervious to car thieves and could never be stolen. Sadly that’s just not the case. We’d be lying to you if we said any system we sell, or any system at all, is completely 100% theft-proof. The fact is that nothing is. If any other company says otherwise, then they’re simply being dishonest.

Car Trackers & Thieves:

For sure, almost all car trackers will help you locate and recover a stolen vehicle but security, like many other industry where crime plays a part, is a cat and mouse game. Systems are designed to combat all known vulnerabilities. Criminals ultimately find ways around them with ever more sophisticated techniques, until systems are improved to combat those, and so it repeats.

Once you have a security system from us installed, one of the most common questions we get asked is can car thieves disable car trackers? Let’s try and answer that question for you now.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that, for what seems like a simple question, there isn’t a simple answer. The answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and will really boil down to which system you have and the features inherent to that device. Some will have more protection against particular attacks than others. Older systems, for example, will obviously have less defence against thieves than systems released today.

Many people who buy a tracker do so because of a stipulation from their insurance company. Expensive and especially high-end vehicles will often be required to have a device fitted before an insurance company will cover it, often over and above the factory standard device. That’s why its important, when looking for a tracker, you get one that’s ‘insurance-approved’. This is why, when asking whether trackers can be blocked, it’s in this context that the question usually gets asked.

The most popular method of theft is what’s called a Relay Attack. Simply put, the thieves have their own gadget that mimics your genuine key fob’s signal, effectively fooling your vehicle into believing it’s a legitimate signal from you and so unlocks itself.

Insurance Approved Trackers:

It’s worth noting that all ‘insurance-approved’ trackers will come with the ability to detect any attempted tampering. This includes battery disconnection, movement alerts (including tow-away) and, obviously, any recognisable attempted theft of the vehicle. This will normally come via the dedicated smartphone app that comes with almost all of the systems we sell. Many also come with GPS / GSM jamming alerts, like Vodafone’s Protect and Connect S5 and Tracker’s S5 Plus and Locate systems, but does that mean that they cannot be blocked?

Most, but not all trackers will counteract jamming devices by using multi-roaming SIM cards within them and will also utilise multiple satellite networks, rather than just relying on GPS. This multi-pronged approach will make them safe from most typical attacks, and also makes them more reliable and accurate with their positioning in general.

That said, even if your tracker utilises GPS, GSM or even GLONASS, it’s still jammable. Ideally what you want is a tracker that also uses VHF, or Very High Frequency. This is a tracking frequency that can NOT be jammed, because it’s undetectable.

Both the aforementioned systems from Tracker; the Locate and S5 Plus and their Monitor system all use VHF technologies within them, so would be the best bet if it’s something you’re really concerned about. It’s worth noting that the Monitor system doesn’t come with its own app. Should it need to be located, this can only be done by Tracker’s own control room and the Police themselves.

Whilst it can be disconcerting to think of your vehicle being stolen, it’s worth noting that most thieves won’t try and block the signal. If they do manage to steal it, they will often keep it secured somewhere for 2-3 days to see if it’s detected by the authorities and if not, they’ll assume there’s no tracker anyway.

If you want to be sure and need your vehicle securing, contact our team and we can help you find the best system for you and your own needs.

It’s easy, when you’re researching the right car tracker for you, to become bamboozled by brands and juxtaposed by jargon. One of the common expressions you’ll see, especially when talking about Thatcham-approved car trackers are the terms ‘S5’ and ‘S7’. There is a lot more to these two terms that you might think. 

Here we wanted to take a look at what these terms mean and, more importantly, what features do you get in one rather than the other? What makes a S5 tracker different to a S7? Let’s take a look. 

Both the terms S5 and S7 are just the most up-to-date categories of security products that were first conceived by Thatcham Research. Thatcham was established in 1969 by the motor insurance industry with the aim of reducing the cost of insurance claims within the motor industry, whilst also maintaining safety standards.

Over the years the work Thatcham does has gradually increased to incorporate things like training, reducing whiplash injuries, repair methods, cyber crime and, since the 1990s, addressing car theft. This ultimately led to Thatcham Security Certifications, a robust verification programme for the assessment and recognition of automotive security products. Whilst the categories have changed over the years, this is where the S5 and S7 classification comes into play.

Thatcham test all manner of security products and each is tested rigorously against a set of predefined criteria that they have established. By assessing a product’s functionality and performance, manufacturers and consumers can receive an objective evaluation of the products capabilities that goes beyond sales pitches and marketing taglines.

Difference between S5 & S7:

S5 is a term used to describe ‘Vehicle Tracking Systems’, whilst S7 is deemed to be an ‘Asset Location System’. Of those two, S5 has the higher specification. Simply put, S5 systems are designed to detect unauthorised use of a protected vehicle and increase the probability of the recovery of a stolen vehicle. S7 systems are solely assessed against increasing the probability of the recovery of a stolen asset, whether that’s a car, motorbike, van, etc. 

When you buy a S7-rated tracker (which replaced the CAT 6 version), you get a system that incorporates GPS tracking technology as a minimum. Many will also incorporate GSM, VHF and MESH technologies, but all will utilise a 24/7 control room with monitoring facilities.

S7 trackers will also incorporate global coverage, meaning that if you’re abroad when your car is stolen, or it’s stolen in the UK and moved abroad, the tracker will still be able to locate it. You will also receive motion alerts if the vehicle is moved without the ignition being activated. 

When it comes to the top-of-the-range S5 car tracker, you will get all the features of an S7-rated device with one important difference; Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR). Designed to counteract the rise of key theft and key cloning vulnerabilities, S5 trackers come with a small fob which identifies you as the owner of the vehicle with the tracker installed. 

This ADR fob designed to be kept on your person, rather than installed on your keys, and stops the engine being started if it is not in close proximity to the vehicle. If thieves somehow find a way around this, when movement in the vehicle is detected, an alarm is triggered with the owner and, more importantly, the 24/7 control centre, which will immediately start locating the vehicle. 

There is actually a sub-level above S5 called, not very adventurously, S5+. Devices that meet this criteria also include the ability for police forces to temporarily be given authorisation to immobilise the vehicle.

We hope this has cleared up some of the confusion for you. If you’re looking for a tracker and are somewhat bewildered by all the technicalities of each model, our friendly, knowledgable team are on hand to help you. Give us a call and we’ll do all we can to assist you.

Working out what the best ‘anything’ is sounds like a simple question, but the answer is rarely as straight-forward. When it comes to the best Thatcham-approved vehicle tracker, the question really becomes what’s the best Thatcham-approved tracker for you.

When you look at the full range of vehicle trackers we sell here at Infiniti, you’ll see that there really is something for everyone, regardless of your needs, your budget or your vehicle. Each of them has their own set of features, functionality and costs. What best suits you and your circumstances may not suit someone else, but that doesn’t necessarily make one better, or worse, than the other.

So, what’s the best Thatcham-approved tracker for you and, if you’re not sure, what features would best suit your circumstances? There’s no point paying for features you won’t use or, missing out on functionality that you really need when securing your car.

That said, due to the way Thatcham classify the security products they test and verify, there are ways of determining one tracker from another based on their criteria.

Thatcham’s highest certification is the ‘S5’, including those classified as ‘S5+’. This rating is given to products that meet their very highest standards when it comes to vehicle tracking and recovery. Let’s take a quick look at some devices that meet that criteria to help you decide.

MetaTrak S5 VTS

The S5 VTS from MetaTrak ticks many of the boxes people are looking for when buying a car tracker because it offers both value for money and a whole raft of fantastic features. It also comes from one of the leading and most trusted manufacturers of car tracking systems.

Not only do you get the features you would expect of any device in this classification, like live tracking and access to the 24/7 control room monitoring, being rated S5, you get Automatic Driver Recognition tags. These small fobs give you another level of security as, if they’re not in close proximity to the vehicle, the car won’t be able to be started.

ScorpionTrack S5 VTS

If you’re looking for a tracker that combines a comprehensive set of features, coupled with an insurance industry-approved system, the S5 VTS from ScorpionTrack is the one you’re looking for.

This one is manufactured here in the UK to a Police preferred specification, so you know it’s going to be good. Not only that, it also protects you and your vehicle against many of the techniques modern car thieves use like key theft, key cloning and OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) hacking.

SmarTrack S5+ iMob

On any list of the ‘best’ Thatcham-approved car trackers, the SmarTrack S5+ iMob would probably adorn any of them, thanks in no small part to the sheer amount of functionality you get with it. The one that will get most of the headlines is the ‘No Tag No Start’ feature. Not only that, but it also comes with the added benefit of immobilisation, giving you the ultimate protection.

This is one of the very few systems that has been developed, for not only petrol / diesel cars, but also caters for electric, hybrid and even classic cars.

Best means a lot of different things to different people. Does the most expensive tracker mean it’s the best? Does the one with the most features make it the best, even if you don’t use half of them? Whilst all of these trackers would easily play their part in any best tracker listing, it all comes down to what’s best for you. If you’re not sure, give us a call and we’ll find you the best tracker for the best price and install it at the best time for you.

Whilst it doesn’t always make the news, car theft has been increasing over recent years, and the pandemic was no exception. It’s no longer just opportunist thieves who have their eyes on your vehicular pride and joy, but organised crime is targeting high-value automotive, especially Range Rovers.

Given the incredible rise in popularity of Range Rovers, along with many other luxury 4x4s, over the last decade, it’s no surprise that these inspirational vehicles have become a target, but we’re here to help.

If you’re looking to secure your Range Rover and prevent it from being stolen, we’ve put together some of the best theft prevention techniques available. Whether thieves are targeting your Range Rover through technology, like a keyless entry relay attack, or old-fashioned brute-force, we have something for you to help keep your Rover safe.

With all the inherent tech that goes into making modern day cars safer, let alone luxury SUVs, covering all the bases is key in the fight against car theft. We don’t think twice about the convenience offered to us by remote locking systems, but this tech can also be used against us.

Relay Attacks:

Relay attacks occur when thieves can effectively clone the signal your keyless fob uses to lock (or unlock) your car doors. This is one of the newest forms of theft, but has quickly gained dubious popularity.

It involves thieves using their own technology to ‘steal’ the signal by placing a device within range of your keys. Once captured, this signal is then relayed to another device being held next to your car to receive that signal. The car’s electronics believe the signal is genuine and unlocks the car, making it easier for the thieves to steal. To combat this, you can keep your keys within a Faraday bag, case or box to stop the signal being transmitted. These are readily available and are relatively cheap but can save you so much heartache.

From high-tech to old-school, another way to prevent theft of your Range Rover is with some classic visual deterrents. Having a heavy duty steering wheel or handbrake lock fitted to your Range Rover will offer an extra layer of protection to your car.

Thieves wanting to steal your car want to do so as quickly as possible to minimise their risks, so anything that will delay this may make them think twice before trying to steal your car. Not only will the extra time put them off, but heavy duty security items like these will need extra work to defeat and that often means more noise, another facet of car theft they will want to avoid.

Car Trackers:

Of course, one of the best and most effective ways to prevent your vehicle from being stolen is with a Range Rover car tracker. With the value of Range Rovers at the higher-end, it would be prudent to opt for a S5 or S7 tracker to ensure your car has the highest level of security and protection.

To cover both bases, we would recommend either the Range Rover S7 or S5, both from leading supplier Trackstar. Both are insurance approved, not to mention come with approval from Range Rover themselves, which includes their Land Rover and Jaguar brands.  With both you get the Trackstar smartphone app in which you can control and monitor the trackers status including battery back-up, motion alerts, battery disconnect, all backed by a 24-hour control centre.

As you would expect, the main differentiator between the two is that the S5 version, the highest level of Thatcham security protocols, comes with Driver Recognition tags that stop the car from being started if they are not in close proximity of the car.

Should the worst happen and the thieves somehow get around all of those protections, you can be assured that with either one of these trackers fitted by our team of dedicated engineers, that the chances of getting the vehicle back increases dramatically.

There’s never been a better time to take control of your Range Rover and keep it secured. Whilst the threats are real, the ability to thoroughly protect your car has never been better, more needed or easier than it is now.

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